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October 25, 2022
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Understanding the Role of an HOA Vice President

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A vice president serves as the second-in-command of an HOA. Vice presidents are more than just figureheads; they're important positions and can hugely impact the culture and success of the organization they work in, good or bad. 

Keep reading to learn more about the role of an HOA vice president as well as some of the qualities that are important to the position.

Act as a Substitute for the President

Vice presidents are responsible for filling in for the president should they be unavailable. To ensure that the board and association continue to run smoothly while the president is absent, someone must step in as the leader. 

So, just as when your boss calls in sick or goes on long-term leave, you must prepare to take their place. Make sure to follow their example by learning what the president does daily.

Follow Instructions Given by the President

The vice president of a homeowner's association fulfills all duties given to them by the HOA board president consistent with the governing documents, which may include requesting quotes for maintenance projects, reporting on the progress of various committees, managing employees, and meeting with the management team. 

Heading and Liaising with Committees

A vice president may also serve as a liaison for one or more HOA committees due to their position on the board. 

In some communities,  the vice president may take a more active role in communicating with management, the board, and the architectural committee. 

Additionally, the vice president can coordinate between the board and other committees as well such as the social events and landscaping committee.

Qualities needed for a Good HOA Vice President

Possess Good Communication Skills

The vice president needs to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. This means conveying information clearly to other board members, vendors, and residents. It also means listening well and addressing concerns promptly.

Be a Team Player

As a vice president, it's vital to build a good rapport with the president as you'll often represent him/her, if necessary. You'll also want to understand the perspectives of fellow board members and how to best get things done.

Be Dependable and Trustworthy

You should always be dependable, trustworthy, approachable, and open to discussing any concerns they may have. 

Being available is important because people are more likely to trust their vice president when they know how to get hold of them.

Be Flexible

It is necessary for vice presidents to be flexible and to have a thorough understanding of the day-to-day duties of the president in case they need to temporarily assume that role. 

They must also have a solid knowledge of specific tasks performed routinely by the president. This might include heading committees, mediating disputes, or coordinating with management. 

Be Fair and Honest

The definition of a good vice president is someone just and fair when enforcing rules and fulfilling duties. You should enforce no rules differently based on people's relationships. There should be no wiggle room for selective enforcement on your board.

Additionally, be honest and transparent about the HOA's finances. If the association struggles financially, don't encourage fellow board members to hide it. Although community residents may not respond positively to the news, they still have a right to know the truth.

Final Thoughts

The role of vice president for an HOA is important and rewarding. With hard work, patience, and understanding, it's possible to make a difference in your community.

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