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HOA Board Members: Roles and Responsibilities

Are you interested in running for a position with your HOA board? What do the HOA Board Members do for the community and what are their roles within?
Steve Walz | Apr 10, 2024 | 4 min read
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Serving on an HOA board is a valuable way to contribute your time and talents for the good of your community association. Most association bylaws require a minimum of a president, secretary, and treasurer, with some including a vice president. HOA board members must understand the important role they play in overseeing the association policies, procedures, and most importantly —the association finances. If you are considering running for a position with your HOA board, the following information regarding roles and responsibilities may assist you with your decision. 

HOA Board Roles

The diverse talents that exist among an association's membership can make a difference; only if they choose to participate. While board positions are volunteer, contributing your skills for the overall good of where you live is a valuable contribution. A board member generally serves a one-year term in their elected position. Board members may resign with a written notice —or a board may remove a member with or without cause.

HOA board positions typically* include the following:

  • President: Presides over all meetings, serves as the board spokesperson, and oversees the day-to-day operations
  • Vice President: Serves as the President during absences of the current president, may help organize and prioritize the items up for discussion during the meeting.
  • Secretary: Custodian of the board records and provides access to the records for the membership or their authorized representatives
  • Treasurer: Manages the funds, prepares the budget, and provides financial oversight for the association

The type of board structure for your association may include additional positions. State laws govern association boards, making it imperative that you learn as much as possible before seeking office. One of the easiest ways to learn more about board functions is to attend meetings and to speak with current board members.  These two methods can provide you with the information you need to make a decision whether to run for office. 

*Refer to your communities specific Rules and Regulations or Governing Documents to determine specific roles and any additional positions on the board.

HOA Board Responsibilities

One of the key responsibilities of each HOA board member is attendance and participation. While these two responsibilities may seem like a given, board members who fail to engage cause:

  • Low board morale due to others having to carry additional responsibilities 
  • Frustration among the other board members
  • A delay in important board business decisions

Other board responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and enforcing policies
  • Maintaining the association budget
  • Communication with the association on important matters
  • Adhering to the rules outlined in the association bylaws

These are just a few examples of the responsibilities that accompany a board position. The board members' contribution as a whole is vital to ensuring that a strong board exists for the good of the association. 

Get Involved With Your HOA Today

More than 2 million people throughout the nation serve on HOA boards or committees.  The rules and responsibilities that each board position involves is often joined by a sense of pride by those who serve. Where you choose to live is among your most important life decisions. Making your HOA community the best association possible require the valuable contributions of those willing to share their talents. From accountants to business owners, sharing your time as an HOA board is worth consideration. At RealManage, we help HOA board members by providing guidance and management services. 

HOA board members are not alone as they navigate complex budgets, enforce policies, and tackle multiple projects. The team at RealManage can serve as a bridge between board management and membership communication. If your HOA board needs more structure and guidance to make the association thrive, seek a board position, and then contact RealManage. Our friendly and professional team is ready to get to work on behalf of the board and for the entire association membership.  

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