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January 24, 2023
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Should Your HOA Use Social Media to Connect with Residents?

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Homeowners are getting younger. Both Millennials and Gen Zs (from 18-40) care more about putting down roots, being sustainable, and getting involved in the real estate industry than any generations before them. 

For HOAs, this means an increasing number of your homeowner members are modern, tech-savvy, and on social media. Should you connect? Absolutely.

HOAs are a great organization type to build a social media presence and connect with residents. Many of your residents probably have a smartphone, a suite of social media accounts, and a curious tapping thumb always looking for an interesting new feed. 

Your HOA community could easily become part of the constant flow of your residents' messages, images, and conversations and - as an effect- strengthen your community by helping modern neighbors meet online. Keep reading to learn more about how using social media could benefit your HOA.

 An HOA's Role in Social Media

If your HOA is ready to step into the 21st century with an online presence, social media is one of the first things you can and should do. But, as with any HOA project, it's important to ask yourself, "Why? What value does this offer to the HOA residents or operations?" Good question. 

Social media plays a vital role in community relations in the business world, which can also be true of your HOA. A social media profile (or a few across platforms) makes it easy for residents to find information and stay connected with the community.

 Share the Community Calendar

The first and most obvious way to use social media is to share the community calendar. You can pair calendar announcements and timely reminders with fun pictures or images from last year's same event to boost interest in upcoming events this year. 

You can also share other helpful reminders, like when seasonal watering days change, trash day, oversized trash day, and even weather forecasts.

Increase Amenity Participation

Are your amenities going underused? Not enough people playing in the sports courts or the pool this year? Remind everyone how sunny it is outside or how delightfully shady your poolside can be, with a few pictures of your amenities and enticing invitations to enjoy them. 

Homeowners - especially in times of activity or crisis - often forget that neighborhood amenities are available and just a short walk away.

 Bring the Community Together Online

One of the most significant benefits of starting an HOA social media account is bringing together your residents on an online platform. 

Homeowners and residents who never knew they shared the same sense of humor or favorite author may discover this through discussions on your social media posts. 

Once community members have started talking online, they'll soon discover that they live only a few houses away. When this happens in groups, you begin building a modern community of neighbors and friends.

 Attract New Homeowners

An online presence is also an essential marketing tool, even if you didn't know you were marketing. New home-buyers looking for a welcoming community might be enticed by your friendly calendar and charming neighborhood photographs. 

This is a positive side to connecting with HOA residents through social media that is often unforeseen until the first new resident mentions seeing your Instagram story as their inspiration.

How Should You Let Residents Know About Your Social Media?

Consider posting the association’s social media accounts at annual meetings, on small yard signs at the entrances, or on signage at the pool or park. 

Mailings such as newsletters, community emails, or even account statements are also easy and usually free ways to get the word out. 

Starting an HOA Social Media Profile is Simple and Free

Finally, should your HOA invest in a social media presence? Yes, because other than time, it's free. Any board member, volunteer, or community manager can make an account named after the neighborhood, then start posting pictures and calendar announcements. 

With tools like TweetDeck to pre-schedule your posts, a half-hour weekly is all you need to keep up a content-rich social media feed for your HOA.

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