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How To Host A Community HOA Event That Gets Attendance

by Holly Bunch on Jun 5, 2018 8:03:00 AM

Many community associations are interested in throwing parties, gatherings, get-togethers, block-parties, or other ideas for events that their community residents will want to attend. Many HOA's like to hold anywhere from two (2) to (4) events annually corresponding with either winter/summer or with each of the four seasons in winter/spring/summer/fall. The options as to which activities you choose are endless. However, a lot of what will interest people in the community will depend on the lifestyles a lot of the people in your community choose to lead.

For example, some communities include families with small children while others may have more single individuals or married couples. Some areas are more rural while others are more metropolitan or suburban areas. These factors all help determine what lifestyle people in the area live and what activities they will find more enjoyable. 

When planning HOA activities that will get attendance from your community, consider the following in helping you determine what kinds of events to organize:


Consider the Lifestyles:

Consider the lifestyles people in your community live. If you have many families with younger children, consider activities that are family friendly like a Scavenger Hunt or a Community Pool Party. If your community is primarily working-class adults, something like a social hour or a cookout/BBQ dinner event will work better. The event has to be something that interests the locals in your HOA to make them want to participate in the activity for attendance rates to be high as possible.

Take An Activity Poll:

If the community association is having a hard time determining what events would be enjoyable to the local community, hold a poll to see what the members of your community have to say. Provide 3-4 choices as well as the opportunity to recommend something you may not have even considered. Listen to the community as to which events would be the most well-attended and enjoyed.

Plan For The Location/Date: 

If you want to use a specific venue or location for your event, determine the exact times and dates of the event. Secure the location and the other amenities you will need before you announce it to everyone who will possibly attend. This avoids disappointments and the inconvenience to your community of having to reschedule when plans fall through.

Determine Your Annual Budget/The Frequency Of Such Events:

Determine how much money in your HOA budget is allotted for fun activities and get-togethers in your community each year. Then divide that by the number of events you host each year. For example, if you have $5000 budget for four (4) events (one for each season), you have $1,250.00 for each event. Plan and budget accordingly and know your costs, so you don't spend more money than the HOA has to cover the expenses of your event. Once you determine and make that budget, stick with it.

Check With Your HOA Insurance Providers: 

If you are doing any activities such as swimming or horseback riding that may involve any level of risk or bodily harm, check with your insurance providers for your HOA to make sure that such events are covered under their insurance policy. Injuries related to these types of events may be rare, but it's better to protect your community and every resident attending rather than taking a chance that someone might get hurt while participating in an activity. Safety is always the priority for everyone involved.

Advertise Your Event: 

Whether you send out emails or letters via the mailbox, post on social media, put flyers up around your community, advertise at your local recreational facilities, etc. spread the word about your event so that everyone in the HOA community hears about the great time that everyone will be having at this gathering. Just advertising and getting neighbors to talk to each other about the event will encourage everyone to want to attend to ensure they don't miss out on the fun.

Provide All Pertinent Information:

Be sure to include all pertinent information in your advertisements, including the who, what, where, and when of the event. Also be sure to include any information such as what attire is appropriate (i.e., swimwear, activewear, outdoor gear, etc.) and include anything that they may need to bring to the event such as sunscreen, pool supplies, appropriate footwear for an activity, beverages, snacks, etc. that will make the trip or event more enjoyable. 


These are some tips to help make your HOA's summertime event more successful and well-attended. Consider what the residents in your community will like when making a decision about what events to host for your community. Everyone is different as to what he or she will enjoy, but appealing to many people as you can is key to ensuring your event is well-attended as possible. 

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