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January 2, 2024
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Every Voice Matters: The Best Ways to Get Input from Homeowners

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Getting homeowners within your community to speak up about issues that matter to them constructively can be challenging.

Asking owners to share how they feel and what they want to see in their community might be harder than you think. After all, many homeowners may not understand the limitations of the association or the benefits that the association has to offer.

It's not that homeowners "don't care," but many are shy about things they are dissatisfied with, while others might be too busy to attend HOA meetings.

Encouraging residents to be vocal about their thoughts on the community can help you make your HOA community a better place for everyone to live. Let's talk about some of the things your HOA board can do to get more input from homeowners. 

Use Feedback Opportunities & Surveys In Addition to Meetings

Make it convenient for people who cannot attend physical or board meetings. Surveys, both via mail and email, allow homeowners to share what is important to them without attending a meeting or making an angry phone call. 

Whether people are happy with what is happening or want to see something change, it should be easy to make their voices heard.

Make Information Accessible Online

Providing easy access to meeting minutes and other pertinent information is a great way to make homeowners feel more involved.

Consider using software like CiraConnect so people can access information while on the go. When people feel like they're being kept in the loop, they're more likely to want to participate in discussions that can help improve the community.

Encourage Community Members to Volunteer on the Board/Join Committees

It's important to note that homeowners can be involved in the community without being part of the board of directors. 

Serving on committees or finding other ways to volunteer is one of the best ways to get more homeowners more involved in their communities. If residents have opportunities to make a difference, many more are likely to do so.

Thank Those Who Take Time to Make the Community a Better Place

Consistently highlighting and thanking those who take the time to make the community they live in a better place is vital to ensuring that people feel like their efforts are appreciated.

Ensure that you thank these volunteers at board meetings and even hold occasional activities for involved volunteers like appreciation luncheons. Even a small thank you can go a long way in keeping up morale among those who give back to your community with their participation. 

Celebrate Your Community

Enjoy your community. Spend time celebrating the different aspects that make your community awesome and why you all love living there together as a community.

Whether you want to have social events or do something fun outside like a BBQ or an annual block party, anything that brings people together on a light and cheery note is a great way to get everyone together and talk. Knowing your neighbors makes living there more comfortable for everyone involved.


In the end, getting your community members together and on the same page will help you feel more like a community.

Eliciting participation and giving everyone a chance to participate will help ensure that no one feels left out or like their voice doesn't matter when it comes to allowing them to speak out about the HOA where they live.

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