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5 Tips for Filling Vacancies on Your HOA Board

Has your association struggled to fill all of the positions on its board? Read here for some helpful tips on filling vacancies on your HOA board.
Jennifer Harvey | May 25, 2024 | 3 min read
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Volunteering to serve on the board of directors is one of the most impactful ways to improve your neighborhood. Although joining a board of directors might look daunting,  it can be well worth the effort and commitment. 

Filling volunteer positions on the board of directors can be challenging due to many factors, including the numerous demands on homeowners' time. However, a stable and active board is one of the most important components of a successful community. 

Here are five tips and best practices for filling vacant association board positions.

Create a Board Member Description

Establishing a description that accurately describes the commitment required and the abilities that would be beneficial in the position can help you fill the position with a qualified candidate. The more details you provide, the more probable it is that you will discover a committed individual who will serve on the board for a long time and commit to improving the community. . Consider including the following description in communications about the vacancy:

  • A detailed description of the position's duties and requirements
  • Frequency and attendance requirements for board meetings
  • How many hours a week or month would they have to spend on board responsibilities

Look At the Governing Documents First

Review the community’s governing documents for information on how to fill a board member's vacant seat before taking any action.

You will likely discover details and instructions concerning board member elections, removals, appointments, qualifications, and more. You should also check any local, state, or federal legislation to verify compliance. As always, if necessary, speak with your association's lawyer.

Solicit Fresh Ideas from the Community

Being on the association's board of directors may seem uninteresting to some residents.  People are more ready to volunteer if they feel included. 

Ask the homeowners who provide suggestions for improvements whether they would be willing to assist in making those suggestions a reality.

Festive local gatherings may attract candidates for the board of directors, suggested upgrades to common spaces, and neighborhood safety measures.

Don't Rush the Process

Even if your board might be eager to fill the vacancy, it's crucial to be cautious and deliberate when choosing or appointing a new board member. Spend some time carefully searching for possible individuals who will bolster the board. Members of the board should be honest, involved in the community, willing to put in the necessary time to carry out their duties, and free from any conflicts of interest.

Inspire with Your Recruitment Letter

Often, residents need to be pushed to join the HOA board. Be sure your request for candidates is clear and compelling.  Describe what the association board does for the neighborhood and the importance of the role. Emphasize board members' importance to the association's success.

Your recruiting letter should also indicate the sort of individuals you're seeking. Remember that the HOA board should constantly be looking for fresh ideas. Make the letter as welcoming as possible and genuinely request feedback and others to contribute their ideas.


The members of your community’s board of directors determine how effective the association will be.  Your community needs board members that are eager, competent, and committed to the neighborhood. 

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