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Properly Addressing Speeding in your Community

by Jennifer Harvey on May 14, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Speeding is not just a nuisance but a danger to your community's homeowners and their residents. It is a difficult issue to address and enforce effectively but it can be done and it should be addressed immediately to protect your community. As the HOA there are several steps you can take to minimize the frequency of speeding through your neighborhood. Before considering additional steps to take in combating speeding in your HOA make sure to read through your association's governing documents and bylaws to ensure that the HOA is within its legal rights to enforce and impose new strategies.

Use Repeated Communications & Signage

Clearly communicate to your homeowner's that speeding is a serious problem and will not be tolerated within your community. Create a clear and concise message delineating the dangers of speeding and the need to keep the community and its members safe. Send messages through various means to ensure all of your residents have been put on notice; including mail, email, and membership portals.

In addition to communicating personally with the residents of your community, it is also important to make sure there is visible signage throughout the neighborhood addressing speeding and reminding drivers to slow down. Unfortunately, not all of the drivers through your community will be residents and you must keep visitors, guests, as well as service providers in mind when creating and installing signage through the community. In addition post reminders on bulletin boards in clubhouses and other shared member areas to reiterate the importance of eliminating speeding in the community.

Implement Traffic Calming Strategies

The implementation of strategies such as building roundabouts and the installation of devices such as speed bumps can be effective in reducing the speed of drivers throughout the neighborhood. Unlike communication and signage, this strategy will likely require a much higher investment from the HOA and take a bit more time to go into effect while you await approval from the board and installation. Remember that not everyone will share the same views about the potential of these measures and you may even face some push back from owners in your community.

Consider the Use of Speed Detection Devices

With recent advances in technology, private organizations and individuals are now able to secure affordable devices to detect speed by moving vehicles. These devices are very similar to the devices used by law enforcement in their speeding patrol duties. There are a number of devices with differing capabilities such as the recording of speed as well as capturing images of vehicles that have committed a violation. These devices can serve a number of purposes throughout the community from creating a deterrence to the ability to collect data and identify problem areas where speeding is habitual that can then be addressed by other methods. Check with your city and state to determine if there are any specific notices or rules regarding the ownership and use of these devices.

Impose Fines for Offenders

The enforcement of speeding rules and posted speed limits can be very difficult within an HOA. Due to the community's private roads, law enforcement will be limited in its capabilities to enforce speed limits. Although law enforcement will not be able to use citations or impose fines within your HOA neighborhood; the HOA itself may have the power to impose fines depending on the governing laws of the association. If your bylaws allow it, imposing fines on offenders that violate the posted speeding limits and rules throughout your neighborhood may be your most effective deterrent and tool to reduce your speeding problem. Keep in mind of course that this tactic also comes with some downfalls. Due to your limitations as an HOA you will only have the ability to enforce violations by residents which leave visitors, guests, and other drivers that do not live within the community untouched by such as strategy.

Speeding is a difficult problem within an HOA community and it is important to address this danger as best you can through different strategies and tactics to ensure the safety of your homeowners and their families. Although there is no clear cut solution ignoring the issue will only create a bigger problem down the line. Take the time to create a plan of action and the implementation of different strategies through phases to reduce speeding in your HOA.  

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