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Fun Ways To Welcome New Residents To Your Community

by Jennifer Harvey on Jan 26, 2023 2:30:00 PM

When new residents move into a neighborhood, the association’s efforts to welcome them goes a long way in making them feel at home and part of the community.

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Although traditional welcome packets with copies of governing documents, etc. are great starters, we hope you will consider some of these more creative options. Here are five fun and creative methods to welcome new members that will make a lasting impact.

1. Send a Handwritten Card

A handwritten card is a unique and personal approach in an era where almost everything is digital. Instead of sending a welcome email, compose a friendly welcome letter for the new residents. The seemingly small gesture will go a long way to make them feel welcomed and cherished.

Don't forget to personalize the card by including their first names. After you've written the letter, deliver it to them through mail or, even better, leave it at their door.

2. Give Them a Housewarming Gift

Show your appreciation to the new members by bringing them some thoughtful gifts that will be the highlight of their day.

Some great housewarming gifts include:

  • Freshly cut flowers from the community's garden
  • Branded community merchandise
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Gift baskets with chocolate and wine
  • A gift card to the local bakery.

Remember to make the interaction as brief as possible to avoid overwhelming them with information. There will be ample time for more interactions in the coming weeks. 

3. Invite Them to a Monthly Coffee Date With the Board of Directors

When delivering the housewarming gifts to the new members, ask for their contact information, such as their email and phone number. 

Add them to the community’s email list and make sure they get invited to the next welcoming coffee. Scheduling a regular “welcome coffee” is a great way to allow all the recent new residents to meet with the Board of Directors in a friendly, casual way. 

Before the ‘Welcome Coffee’ meeting, consider putting together a document with the following information:

  • Community guidelines
  • HOA violations
  • Information on local services
  • Locations and accessibility rules of local amenities
  • Information on future community events

Remember to keep the conversation light even when discussing the components of the document. This is a great way to welcome new residents that can be done monthly or quarterly depending on how often new residents are moving in.

4. Host a Welcome Barbecue

Perhaps instead of a ‘Welcome Coffee’ consider hosting a ‘Welcome BBQ’ inviting all the new residents. Hosting two to three times per year is probably the right rhythm for most communities. Or better yet, host a Welcome Coffee and a Welcome BBQ at different times to give new residents the option to choose which is best for them. 

5. Create a Welcome Committee

Association Board Members already have a lot on their plates. Consider creating a committee to do most of the heavy lifting on the above ideas. Committees are a wonderful way to provide lots of options for community members to become involved in the association without having to be on the Board. 

Bottom Line

At RealManage, we understand the importance of making new residents feel welcomed, and we urge association board members to prioritize it. If you have any concerns about managing your HOA efficiently, feel free to contact us. We would love to work with you to help make your association feel more like a community.

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