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Using the Mind Map Technique for your Community Association

by Sandra Vela Mora on Oct 27, 2020 8:39:00 AM

Goal setting is an important first step on an individual's journey to realizing their intentions. Successful people and organizations, spanning many professions, set goals to provide short-term motivation as they pursue their long-term ambitions. Communities that have benefited from the inclusion of goal setting techniques, in combination with organizational tools, are HOA's (homeowners associations).

The reason is that goal setting in combination with organizational tools helps provide clarity concerning ways in which HOA's can better serve their community. A popular and effective technique being used by HOA's to achieve their goals is mind mapping.

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is described as a diagram used to brainstorm thoughts, interests, and aspirations, organically, without worrying about order and structure. Its purpose is to visually organize information by branching ideas out from a central premise, using lines, symbols, colors, words, or images. The benefits of mind mapping include enhanced engagement and retention.

How can HOA Boards Utilize Mind Mapping?

HOA boards can utilize mind mapping techniques to visualize upcoming tasks, such as:

  • Project management – Project management refers to the application of processes that will be needed to complete a specific project. Mind mapping can be used by team leaders and members to discuss and explore ideas, in pursuit of analyzing and solving problems more efficiently.
  • Budget setting – Mind mapping enables organizations to present a financial plan or budget in a simple, comprehensive structure that's ideal for presentations and business meetings.
  • Organize meetings – Mind maps are an effective way to organize meetings because it is a tool that focuses on boosting productivity. It can help HOA's mange and analyze schedules, business strategies, and tasks in a more stimulating fashion.

What are some Common Goals that could Benefit from Mind Mapping Techniques?

Common HOA goals that could benefit from mind mapping techniques include:

  • Recruiting volunteers – The process of recruiting volunteers could be enhanced using mind mapping to add clarity concerning the roles the HOA board needs fulfilled.
  • Improving communications – Communication between HOA boards and its members is essential if you hope to strengthen bonds within the community and keep all relevant parties informed with regard to information that affects the organization's ability to operate efficiently. Incorporating mind mapping into your communication efforts eradicates friction and promotes transparency concerning everyone's roles and responsibilities.
  • Reviewing contracts – Looking over contracts can be a monotonous endeavor. Incorporating mind mapping techniques into your contractual processes, by creating color-coordinated diagrams that allow you to better examine areas, where you could cut back, could save you time and money in the future.

Goal setting for community associations is essential if you hope to improve your community. The most important aspect of improving your community entails working side by side with the homeowners to ensure you are making decisions in their best interest. To work towards achieving your goals, you need a team whose ambitions align with the community. The way to go about it is by recruiting the best people possible is to enhance your associations' operational processes. That's why we recommend using mind mapping techniques for your community's associations.

The objective of any association is to improve upon processes, no matter how small the improvement. Minor adjustments over time combine to form something that can help elevate an organization into its next phase. That is why mind mapping is so valuable. Many innovative ideas can get lost in monotony. Mind mapping mixes colors, symbols, words, and images in a simple brain-friendly way, to help get the creative juices flowing, so you can begin realizing the vision for your community.

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