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Top Tips for Throwing a Successful Housewarming Party

by Guest Blogger on Aug 6, 2020 8:38:00 AM

As the housing market continues on its unique buying and selling trend throughout this coronavirus pandemic, many have hopped on this opportunity to buy. And although we are living in a social-distanced time, new neighbors, friends, and family will likely be itching to connect and welcome you into your new neighborhood and home. This means that housewarming parties are inevitable, and even during these unprecedented times, it’s important to (safely) celebrate your move with those around you.

If you are a member of the HOA Board, these gatherings can be especially important to attend as you may get to meet and encourage active participation from new owners. This can also be a great time to distribute your welcome packet to new owners and catch up with some owners that may not be familiar with the community board. Meeting your neighbors and learning about the community can encourage to participation in HOA led events and even volunteer for committee membership. With that said, here are some tips for throwing a housewarming party and welcoming yourself or your new owners to the area!


1. Be patient and pick a good time

While settling into your new home, it can be easy to want to skip organizing and jump right into a housewarming party. However, it’s crucial to remember to take your time and plan a party when it feels absolutely right. You want your home to actually feel like a home, especially when you welcome guests into your brand new space.

For some, this means making sure furniture is in place, boxes are unpacked, and that spirit of “home” is truly there and the feeling is special. Throwing a housewarming celebration in an unfinished house can make guests feel overwhelmed, especially when it doesn’t feel lived in yet (this can take a few months, don’t worry!).

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to take on the task, start by inviting guests via email or even through old fashioned snail mail. Alongside your family and friends, don’t forget to invite your new neighbors too, as they’ll more than likely be happy to stop by to see your home and mingle! Have everyone RSVP as well so it can make your life easier and ensures you are as prepared as possible.


2. Let your home be the centerpiece

Since your new home is the whole reason for celebrating in the first place, it’s important to showcase your new living space to your guests and have that be the center of attention. As you prepare your home for the party, select the area you wish to be the main place of entertainment. Whether that be your living and dining room, or the backyard for an outdoor event, make sure this is the shining part of the new home. However, it’s also important to note that your guests may want to see the rest of your home too. Fix up every room in your new place so you can give the exciting full tour as well!

Another idea to consider is setting up a housewarming registry that will allow your guests to bring you something for your new home! Creating a list like this for your guests based on needs, wants, and price point will make it easier for your friends and family to provide you with something helpful while simultaneously making them feel like a special piece of your new home.


3. Serve simple food and cocktails

No get-together is complete without food and drink. When it comes to this aspect of party planning: keep it simple. Depending on the size of your guest list, it can be difficult to home cook for that amount of people, so a great idea is to have your party catered to make it as easy as possible. Plus, if you do decide to have your party before you unpack your cooking supplies, are ordering from your favorite restaurant can make it so much easier and will ease some of the stress away.

Accompany your menu with drinks as well. This way you’ll be able to have a toast with friends and family when the time comes. Consider setting up a designated bar in your entertaining space with drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic so your guests can have a choice of beverage. Drinks are an often forgotten asset, so if you find yourself in a bind during this step of planning, experiment with an alcohol delivery app. Having a bubbly bottle of champagne delivered right to your door will give you the luxury of time. With one less errand to run, you have ample time to perfect some finishing touches or even have an extra 15 minutes to relax before guests arrive.


4. Inquire about the neighborhood

Moving in on a new street and a new neighborhood can be a learning experience for everyone. Getting to understand the in’s and out’s of your new area is something you can chat about with your neighbors at the party. Sure, it’s likely you did some research about the area during the home buying process, but there are details about the culture and meaning of your community you now live in that you wouldn’t know without this get-together. With this mindset, take initiative at the party to use some conversation starters about what goes on in the community. Many HOA neighborhoods have events like block parties or summer planting days where you are encouraged to join in the fun. These are all great ways to show your excitement about moving in and an eagerness to be a part of the community!

As you get ready to think about your housewarming party, be sure to keep these things in mind. Housewarming should be a celebration and a new chapter in your life as a homeowner, so it’s essential to make sure you’re doing it right. Now it’s time to get out there and celebrate, cheers to a new beginning!

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