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Tips for Preparing HOA Landscaping for Fall

by Staff Writer on Aug 8, 2017 8:00:00 AM

As we move towards fall, many HOAs are starting to consider how to prepare their HOA landscaping and common areas for autumn and winter months. You want your landscaping to look its best, both throughout the fall and winter and when spring arrives again. As a board member of an HOA, there are several things you'll want to make sure are taken care of before winter comes. 


If you want lush, green grass and thick, healthy plants in the spring, one of the best ways to accomplish it is by fertilizing now. The seeds and plants will draw in that fertilizer throughout the winter months, then grow back healthy and vigorous when spring arrives. Imagine your common areas filled with green: that's the result you get when you remember your fall fertilizing. 

Subsurface Watering

If you're looking for a great way to keep grass, shrubs, and other plants watered throughout the long fall and winter months, sub surface watering is a solution that's worth considering. Instead of delivering water to the tops of plants or the top of the ground, then hoping that it will make it to the roots where the plant needs it most, sub surface watering delivers water directly to the roots of the plant, where it's needed most. This is particularly beneficial if you often have dry seasons during the fall and winter, which could lead to poor plant growth the following year. Make sure to consult with a specialist to determine exactly how much water your plants need and whether or not sub surface watering is right for your community. 

Fall Decor

Fall flowers, trees, and shrubs will help brighten your community throughout the season. The autumn months allow for plenty of bright, colorful flowers and shrubs that will enhance your community. As fall approaches, it's time to consider what you want community common areas to look like during the colder months. A bright splash of color is a great way to bring warmth and happiness to cool, dreary days, especially in late fall. Plant cold-hardy plants or flowers that will bloom throughout the fall to help brighten your common areas and keep your community looking its best. If your community is relatively new and you haven't yet gotten to see it during winter, take a walk through and see whether you have evergreen trees or other greenery that will continue to add color throughout the winter. If not, this might be a great time to add them!

Snow Considerations

Do you live in a state with frequent snowfall? If so, fall is a great time to prepare for it. Bring out an arborist to trim up your trees, get rid of dead limbs, and make sure that everything is ready for winter. By preparing your trees, you reduce the odds that you'll end up with dead limbs on the ground after a snowfall--not to mention be maintaining healthy growth on the tree while trimming away dead wood that is no longer necessary to its growth.

Playgrounds and Pools

As you're closing up the pool for the summer, examine it and determine whether or not there's any maintenance that needs to be completed. Contact a professional to decide when the best time to fix any problems is: some problems are easier to fix over the fall and winter months, while the pool isn't in use. If you have a playground in your common area, this is a great time to examine it and make sure that it's structurally sound and not in need of any maintenance to keep looking its best. 

Fall and winter can be as busy outdoors for your HOA as the spring and summer. Make sure your board has a chance to get together and develop an efficient plan for putting in fall plants, cleaning up limbs, and preparing for the months to come. You want your common areas to be as clean and beautiful during the fall and winter as they were during the spring and summer. Planning now will help make that possible. 


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