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A Look into the Future... of your Mailbox

by Guest Blogger on Oct 3, 2019 8:37:00 AM

Walking through the airport or clicking through your television, you may have come across a promotion from the United States Postal Service regarding “Informed Delivery”. Simply put, Informed Delivery allows homeowners to see what's in their mailbox from their email inbox. So what is this new feature from the USPS, clairvoyance? Magic? Or, is it a welcomed response from a time-honored service striving to turn a corner with technology? My vote is it's welcomed, and very cool! 


Typically, my neighborhood mailman delivers to my mailbox around 2 pm while I'm at work. However, like magic, I've known since 8 am what was to arrive that afternoon. 

Every morning, I can preview my mail scheduled to deliver that day via email notification, online dashboard, or mobile app. Users also have the ability to interact with digital content provided by business mailers (e.g., special offers, related web links) directly from Informed Delivery! So when my HOA assessment statement arrives, I'll not only see an image of the envelope but also, I may be able to click a link that leads me to anyplace relevant to that envelope, like my community association's website.

Email is the dominant communication platform for most individuals; however, regular mail is still a daily part of all of our lives. USPS set out to integrate the two worlds by bridging a homeowner’s need to interact digitally without losing the importance of their physical mail. The USPS was already digitally scanning the front of all letter-size mail pieces to assist in the sorting and delivery of mail. With their existing technology, it was a logical transition to display those same images to homeowners in advance of the delivery of the physical mail.

Informed Delivery is completely free and safe. The USPS Information Security program and the Inspection Service monitors the network for unusual activity to ensure that your information is kept safe. It is available nationwide to eligible residential consumers as well as those with PO Boxes in an eligible Zip Code. During the sign-up process, homeowners will be prompted to complete an identity verification process to confirm their home address.

If you are interested in Informed Delivery, please visit to sign up. Follow the on-screen prompts to check if your individual delivery address is eligible for the feature. Once opted-in, enjoy the service and be on the lookout for what's next

Guest Blogger: Joshua Pangan
Optimal Outsource,
Director Business Operations

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