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Thanksgiving Tips To Keep your Holidays Safe

by Rolando Coronado on Nov 24, 2020 8:54:00 AM

As the leaves begin to fall and everyone begins buying their canned pumpkin for their favorite fall treats; out goes the spooky Halloween season and in comes one of the most relaxing (unless you're the host) holidays. Thanksgiving is generally a calm and low-key holiday focusing mostly on food and football. However, along with the Thanksgiving preparation and festivities comes a handful of hazards that can pose a risk to you and your guests.

Thanksgiving Travel Challenges & Risks

Thanksgiving season is one of the busiest times of the year for travel throughout the U.S. This year may require some additional precautions and preparations to ensure you arrive at your destination as safely as possible. It is expected that many travel goers this upcoming Thanksgiving season will opt for driving as their primary method of travel. The increase of drivers as well as those traveling to airports means congested roadways, delays, and traffic incidents will be inevitable. Ensure you plan ahead and prepare for the drive to the airport or your family and friend's home by planning your route, leaving early, and packing your patience. Keep in mind different states and localities currently have different COVID-19 restrictions and rules. Don't forget to pack a mask. 

Danger Zone: The Kitchen

Achieving the perfectly cooked turkey and creating a delicious assortment of side dishes and desserts for Thanksgiving dinner is the goal of every host. Managing your kitchen prep, cooking, and baking can create some dangerous situations if you are not careful. Consider a few easy steps you can take to make safety a priority on Thanksgiving Day. 

Keep the chaos out of the kitchen

 Too many hands in the pot can create distractions that could ultimately lead to a fire. Assign your kitchen teammates for the day and clearly spell out everyone's responsibilities. Encourage other guests and kids to stay out of the kitchen for the day to reduce the risk of fire or injury.

Know your turkey

Learning how to properly prepare and cook a turkey is critical to ensure you reduce your risk of food poisoning and fire. Read up on turkey safety tips including the dos and don'ts beforehand so you are not caught off guard with unexpected issues that could cause a hazard or prevent you from making the best tasting turkey. One of the biggest threats to the safety of people and property on turkey day is the use of air fryers. Never fry a turkey in your home and if doing so outdoors, make certain all precautions and preparations are taken.

Prevent Food Related Dangers

When it comes to Thanksgiving meals there are certain circumstances that could lead to food poisoning or choking dangers for you or your guests. Stay attentive to proper food preparation, storage before and after serving, and the amount of time food is left out. Each of these steps in the process can cause food poisoning if the right steps are not taken. If in doubt throw it out! If there are any indications any of the food may be unsafe it is best to leave it uneaten rather than risk becoming sick from it.

Ensure children and guests are enjoying their meals safely. Eating while playing, talking, or moving increases the risk of choking. If anyone in attendance is experiencing a choking episode call 911 immediately and attempt to dislodge the food using the proper rescue technique for their age.

Thanksgiving is about enjoying your time with family and friends over a delicious meal. Keep your risks as low as possible during this time by following the safety recommendations and tips above, to ensure everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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