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Summer Safety Tips For HOA Communities

by Staff Writer on Aug 26, 2013 7:49:00 PM

As summer winds down, many people will use their saved up vacation days before cold weather arrives. Late summer is a great time for travelers to take advantage of discounted vacation packages, but it is also a prime time for burglars to break into homes while vacationers are thousands of miles away. What can you and your community do to deter break ins while residents are away on vacation? Below are some helpful summer safety tips.

1. Form a Neighborhood Watch Group

Working with a police liaison, an HOA community should establish a neighborhood watch group that helps protect neighborhood assets from vandalism and burglary. If it is known that residents of a home will be on vacation, the watch can be adjusted to pay particular attention to the property until the residents return. Posting signs that indicate a neighborhood watch is in effect can serve as a burglary deterrent in itself.

2. Have Mail Held At The Post Office

Mail overflowing from a mailbox can be taken as a sign that no one is home. So, before you buy two tickets to paradise, contact the postal service and have your mail held at the post office for the period of time that you will be vacationing . In addition to helping to protect your property, having your mail held will keep your home looking neat and orderly.

3. Arrange To Have The Yard Mowed

If your vacation will last several days, arrange to have your yard mowed at least once while you are away. Like a stuffed mailbox, an overgrown lawn can signal to burglars that no one is home, especially when the lawns of other homes in the neighborhood are neat and tidy. If you already hire someone to get your grass cutting done, simply move on to the next tip.

4. Don’t Post Updates On Facebook

Many vacationers like to post photos on Facebook that show them having a great time on their travels. However, not posting pictures of yourself on vacation is an important summer safety tip. If someone sees loads of mail in your mailbox or observes that your yard is overgrown, they may wonder whether you are home. But if they see a photo of you in Corsica that was posted fifteen minutes ago on Facebook, they’ll know for certain that you are on the other side of the globe.

5. An HOA Manager Can Help

If your HOA community needs to develop a summer safety program that includes burglary prevention, an HOA property manager can be of assistance. Whether you oversee a small condominium community or a sprawling neighborhood, an HOA management company will help you develop and execute a security program that meets the needs of the community.

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