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Simple Tips to Prepare Your Community Association for Pool Season

The last year has flown by, and it is already time to start thinking about preparing for the pool season. Here is a list of items that should be addressed so that your community association pool season has the best chances for success.
1) Inventory and order any gate media (e.g., fobs, cards) as necessary. By establishing an inventory of your access media, you can look at historical trends and be certain you have what you need in inventory. Have there been any new policies might affect the inventory?

2) Execute any pool monitoring contracts with your preferred pool monitoring vendor. Being prepared for the pool opening is a major component of the lifestyle and well-being of the community. Make sure you are prepared with the contracts and if bidding out do it sufficiently early to have time for the board to make sound decisions
on vendors.

3) Ensure main drain covers are still compliant as they typically require replacing every 5-7 years. The legal requirements for the drains are significant,
and they should be checked annually and placed on a satisfactory replacement schedule.

4) Schedule an initial inspection with your pool vendor to ensure the facility will pass city inspection, if required. Try to get your inspection done as early as possible. The cities get busy when it is closer to the openings, and you want to make sure you are not delayed because of being in a queue for inspection. Have any necessary repairs done to ensure the passing of city inspection. Make certain the repairs have been made before the inspection. Know what they are looking for, and be certain it is completed. 

By following a few simple inspection tips, you can be certain you are ready for the pool season. Some helpful Inspection tips are:

  • Test emergency phone lines to ensure they are working
  • Test all gates with media to ensure they are functional
  • Update pool rules and post in the pool area
  • Update pool open/closed times outside the pool
  • Schedule de-winterization of the facility (bathrooms, showers, water fountains, etc)
  • Have pool furniture inspected, powerwashed (if necessary) and set out for use
  • Advertise to the community of the pool opening date
  • Ensure pool safety equipment is in place and operational


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