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Should Chlorine Shortages Ruin Your Summer Fun?

by Stacy Titleman on Jul 15, 2021 9:40:00 AM

The thought of summer invokes specific, tangible memories. The sticky sweetness of watermelon juice. The cool tang of a popsicle touching your tongue. The scent of barbecue in the breeze. The clear blue of the summer pool. Unfortunately, one of our most cherished summer traditions could be in jeopardy due to ongoing chlorine shortages. 

The Current Chlorine Shortage

It's no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. Pandemic disruptions to the supply chains have coincided with weather-related disruptions at chemical plants and slowing rates of imported materials to create a genuine crisis around the availability of chlorine.

Chlorine prices have increased up to 35%, and steeper price increases seem likely. In addition, purchasing restrictions have been enacted at major retailers and pool stores to prevent hoarding, and pool owners are concerned about how this might affect their plans to reopen their pools in the summer of 2021.  

Summer Pool Parties on the Line?

Due to public health concerns during 2020, many condominium complexes chose not to open their pools during the summer. Unfortunately, that means for many people, the summer pool opening in 2021 was an even more highly anticipated event than usual.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing chlorine shortage, the return of pool parties and fun in the sun is now called into question.

Pool supply companies have been sounding the alarm about the shortage, which is beginning to show up in the marketplace. For example, a 50-pound bucket of chlorine tablets from the In the Swim brand used to sell for $109. It's now sold out on Amazon and selling for $154.99 on the company's website. (New York Post)

What might this mean for the condominium associations finally opening their pools for the 2021 summer season? Should they consider keeping the pool closed for another season? Or are there solutions available to help them weather the chlorine crisis?

Seeking Solutions for Your Condominium Pool

If your condominium complex desires to keep your pool open over the summer, you do have a few solutions available to prevent major disruptions. 

  • Short-term solutions. You could always consider cutting back on how much chlorine you're using to make your supply last longer. If you can do so while still staying within the safe range to meet CDC guidelines, this could be enough to take you through the crisis and help you keep your condominium pool open for the summer.   
  • Mid-term solutions. You may seek to stock up on chlorine before the prices get higher and a true shortage manifests itself. Of course, with many retailers limiting purchases, this could prove challenging. It also may not be feasible (or safe) for you to purchase and store a large enough supply to get you through the summer. 
  • Long-term solutions. In the long term, you may want to consider switching to a safe chlorine alternative for your condominium pool. Bromine, saltwater, ozone, copper, and silver have been used effectively to treat and sanitize pool water. However, the costs vary, as does the amount of time each one takes to work truly. 

As you weigh your alternatives, bear in mind that these aren't decisions to make lightly. Remember that you and your condominium association can bring experts to offer their informed opinions and help guide you as you make your decisions.  

Poolside Perspective

Both condominium board members and condo owners themselves can expect some special considerations regarding opening the pool in 2021. 

Open communication, patience, and understanding will all be required to ensure everyone stays in the loop and understands the rhyme and reason behind the decisions.

RealManage Can Help

At RealManage, we offer helpful solutions to real community problems.

For more information or to hear more about keeping your pool operational all summer long, please contact us today!

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