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Seasonal Holiday Decorations | Rules and Regulations for HOA Communities

by Staff Writer on Dec 10, 2013 6:25:00 PM

Many HOA communities celebrate the holidays by displaying seasonal holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, holly, and garland. While hanging seasonal decorations can be a time of fun and festivity, it can also be a dangerous if the right homeowner association rules and regulations aren’t followed. Practicing the safety precautions below will help your community beautifully decorate its premises without jeopardizing the safety of those who participate in the decorating process.

1. Have Professionals Hang High Decorations

It’s fine for residents to participate in decorating the community, but they shouldn’t perform procedures they don’t have experience with, such as hanging ornaments and lights in high places. Ideally, a professional decoration company should apply decorations that are hung above the first story of buildings. Instead of using ladders to reach high places, decoration professionals often use liftable utility buckets, which provide more safety for the decorator.

2. Don’t Use Glass Decorations Outdoors

Because winter winds can blow them over and shatter them, glass seasonal holiday decorations should be used exclusively indoors. In addition to helping the community avoid dangerous situations involving bits of broken glass, saving glass decorations for inside buildings will help preserve them for the next holiday season. The only glass decorations that should be permitted outside of common buildings and houses are Christmas lights that have small glass bulbs.

3. Have an Electrician Evaluate Lighting Arrangements

If your community plans to use lots of electric decorations, it should have an electrician evaluate the types of power cords and electrical outlets are needed for the display. Loading cords and outlets with too much voltage can cause them to melt, result in power outages in buildings, and even cause fires. If your community doesn’t have an electrician, have an HOA management provider coordinate for an electrician to check the community’s lighting arrangements.

4. Use Freshly Cut Christmas Trees Indoors

If your community plans to put real Christmas trees inside common buildings, it should avoid buying trees that were cut several days before they are purchased -- a common practice among urban Christmas tree sellers. Evergreen trees have a reputation for being combustible, and dry evergreens are the most combustible trees of all. If you can’t find a Christmas tree farm that lets you choose a fresh tree, using a flame retardant artificial Christmas tree is a better option.

Decorating the community for the holidays is fun and festive, but it can also be dangerous if the right precautions aren’t taken. If your neighborhood needs a list of rules and regulations for safely displaying seasonal holiday decorations, contact an HOA management provider today.