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5 Best Practices for a Safe and Fun Halloween for Your HOA

by Sandra Vela Mora on Oct 23, 2018 9:02:00 AM

Halloween is a great time to celebrate community, either by trick-or-treating or with an organized event. Children of all ages—both young and old—can take part in the festivities in safe and fun way. Scare up fun by implementing the following best practices for a fun Halloween for your HOA:

1. Organize a Community Halloween Party

A community event like a Halloween party allows association members to socialize and helps them to strengthen friendships. Plan ahead by asking for volunteers to cover such event tasks as:

  • Food—A potluck dinner is a great way to keep costs down and to exchange recipes
  • Costume contests—Have simple prizes for best costumes. Group the contests by age and find fun ways to conduct the voting.
  • Plan Halloween-themed games—Be sure to keep games easy to play for those navigating the room in a costume. 
  • Have fun with decorations—Vary the decorations from fun and silly for younger children to scarier decorations for an older audience. 


2. Remind Members to Secure Pets

With the constant ringing of the doorbell, pets can become over-excited at seeing new faces. To prevent injury to guests, and to calm your pet, secure them away from the front door.

3. Encourage Flashlight Use and Reflective Clothing

The October day can turn quickly to night while trick-or-treating. Flashlights help light the way to member homes and reflective strips on costumes make children more visible to drivers. Remind trick-or-treaters to only visit well-lite homes and remind drivers to keep an eye out for costumed characters. Many little ones begin their adventure about the time members are returning home from work. In today's busy world, someone who doesn't have children may forget that trick-or-treating is that very night. Reminders go a long way to providing for a safe and fun evening for everyone. 

4. Inspect Candy

When the night draws to a close, dump the collection of candy in a well-lighted area. Inspect it for any candies that look suspicious—such as poorly wrapped—and remove candy that may cause your child to have an allergic reaction. While your child might be anxious to begin eating their treasures, limit them to one or two pieces. Place candy into baggies for each day of the week so they don't overeat their treats. 

5. Have Fun!

Halloween is a night of fright and fun for your association. Safety is key for a successful event. Be proactive with friendly reminders to members via association emails and any HOA social media. Make your communication engaging by using decorative graphics and include a Halloween costume idea or a Halloween snack recipe for extra fun.

Managing Your HOA

While Halloween is a time for fright, what doesn't have to be scary is HOA management. RealManage provides professional management for communities so members can concentrate on their personal lives. Associations often face challenges that go far beyond Halloween decorations. Serious issues require experienced oversight—something Real Manager can deliver.

A professional management company can help a volunteer board navigate budgets, projects and planning, help enforce restrictions fairly, and build a sense of community. A company like Real Manage makes the difference between a community that simply gets by and a community that thrives.

If your HOA is searching for a management company that delivers results, contact us today. By investing in your association, you'll be on the right path for success. 

Halloween at an HOA is a fun time to celebrate pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins. It's also a time to think about how your membership can improve. Let us help make HOA management less scary for your members. We'll build peace-of-mind for current members and create a sense of community that attracts new ones. 

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