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Need to Resign from the HOA Board? Tips for Leaving on Good Terms

by Benjamin Yaeger on Apr 26, 2018 8:04:00 AM

Resigning from an HOA board position is a personal decision yet how you resign can affect the entire association.  No matter your reason for resigning, it is important to handle the matter professionally. Doing so will help ensure a smoother transition for you and fellow board members. Here are five tips for how to resign from an HOA board on good terms:

1. Write a Letter of Resignation

Draft a letter of resignation that communicates your intention to step-down from your board position. It is best to remain more general in your reason for resigning than to get into specifics. Keep the tone positive and include accomplishments during your time on the board. Assure members that you will pass along any information to board members regarding any projects currently in progress. Once the letter is complete, email the letter to the membership and board members. Present an actual letter at the next board meeting so that it may be added to the record and noted in the meeting minutes.

2. Give Advance Notice

Giving advance notice is crucial to leaving on good terms. No one likes to be blindsided by a departure and the stress that comes with an immediate need for a replacement. By giving fellow board members advance notice, they will feel less pressure to make a hasty decision. Offering to help find your replacement or to help with interviews is a great step in ensuring good feelings from the very people who live in your community.

3. Prepare for Questions and Say Thank You

People are naturally curious and even more so when there is a resignation from an HOA board. Be prepared to answer questions from members, however, do not feel obligated to provide details. Remember to stay positive and upbeat about your time on the board. Even the smallest suggestion of the time and energy commitment may discourage a member from serving as your replacement. By sticking to generalities, you'll put a stop to possible gossip and rumors and your positive tone may encourage members to become more involved. In addition to answering questions, thank members for the opportunity to serve. This shows a graciousness and humility that people appreciate.

4. Return All Association Property

Gather all official association property that you used as a board member. Property may include items such as official records, books, and even your board member handbook if there is one. Be sure to hand the items directly to a board member and consider having them either sign that your returned the items or have another member present. A signature or witness will protect you from future accusations of having board or association property and allows the board to note the property was returned.

5. Stay Positive!

Remaining positive throughout the resignation process bears repeating. Resigning with advance notice means the resignation is not an immediate action. Staying positive is essential as you will continue to live in the community after your board departure. Remember that your fellow board members are volunteers too. Work with them the best you can to find a replacement and have your words and actions reflect a positive light on the board.

Serving on an HOA board is a great way to be an active part of your community. However, sometimes a board member's circumstances or reasons for serving change. Losing a strong board member is hard. Having a board member who is distracted or missing meetings is even harder. For the good of the association, it is best to resign when not 100 percent able to commit the responsibilities that come with being a board member. By taking the five steps outlined above, you'll feel better about your decision.

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