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Pet Rules for HOA Harmony

by Amanda Causey on Feb 26, 2016 2:00:52 AM

Pets are typically welcomed furry friends in the homeowner associations, providing a pet-friendly community that allows its members to host an adorable four legged friend into the family. However, it is important to follow the rules and regulations that go along with accepting pets into the community so that your pets don’t discord the harmony among HOA members. As long as you follow the simple and responsible rules for keeping a furry friend while keeping your fellow residents in mind, there should be no problem with accepting a pet into your home.

Here are some HOA pet rules tips that a management company recommends:

Make sure you know the rules. Community association's may set a few rules and regulations regarding keeping pets in the community that are set to maintain a peaceful coexistence between members and their fellow pet residents. The best thing to do before bringing a pet into the community is to make sure you are familiar with the association’s rules governing the requirements for having a pet. Service animals may be the exception to certain pet requirements, however residents should always contact the HOA manager to solidify any accommodations that may need to be made for keeping a service animal, as well as providing any necessary documents or certifications.

Clean up after you pet. Be mindful of your neighbors when taking your dog for a nice walk around the community. Pick up any waste left behind and properly dispose of it so that your neighbors aren’t left to a smelly sight. Making sure that you properly get clean up any messes left behind by your pet will ensure that the community is kept looking nice and neat.

Keep it quiet. Pets can be noisy at times, and although it’s inevitable that your dog will at some point be a bit noisy, it’s important to attempt to quell any loud barking or loud noises that may be annoying to your neighbors. If you’re pet finds the best time to be noisy late at night, make sure that you keep them inside where they can’t disturb anyone else. Try to mediate any of the issues that may be causing your pets to be noisy so that the community can go about their day peacefully.

Keep your pets on a leash. This is one of the most important rules for keeping a pet. Whatever pet you have, make sure that anytime you take them out they are kept on leash to prevent them from wandering unattended. Other residents in the neighborhood may not like dogs as much as you do, and will not take kindly to your dog jumping up on them while they’re taking a walk. Always keep your pet on a leash, and if let them outside make sure they are in a gated area that they can’t get out of.

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