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October 29 ,2013

How to Prepare a Gas Furnace for Winter

With the chill of autumn setting in, now is the time for HOA communities to address one of the most common seasonal issues making furnaces in common areas ready to provide heat in winter. The maintenance checks a furnace requires depend on its make and model. However, certain measures are common to all gas furnaces. If your community wishes to perform its own maintenance, be sure the maintenance checklist includes the following six measures.

October 21 ,2013

Completing the Maintenance Checklist for Autumn

Fall is the time of year when businesses and communities start preparing their property for the travails of winter -- a process known as winterization. Winterization serves two corollary purposes: it protects property against weather damage and ensures the property is ready to use when spring rolls around. If your community lacks a maintenance checklist for winterization, now is the time to create one that focuses on the following important seasonal issues, among others.

October 14 ,2013

HOA Seasonal Issues: Measures for Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

With winter just around the corner, HOA communities must start preparing for one of the most dangerous seasonal issues: slick surfaces in common areas such as sidewalks and entryways to community buildings. Slip and fall lawsuits are some of the most common legal cases HOAs encounter, and the reason why is obvious: it is difficult to remove every slick surface in common areas during a season that brings snow and ice. Even so, there are things your neighborhood can do to significantly reduce the chance of residents slipping and falling in common areas.

September 17 ,2013

HOA Management and Condo Management: Creating the Annual Budget

In just a few months, association-governed communities will need to have their budget mapped out for 2014. If your neighborhood hasn’t gotten around to crunching numbers and doesn’t retain the services of an HOA management and condo management company, working with a community management professional will help expedite the planning process and ensure sound financial decisions are made. Whether the board develops a budget on its own or uses the services of an HOA manager, the plan should include the following measures.

August 26 ,2013

Summer Safety Tips For HOA Communities

As summer winds down, many people will use their saved up vacation days before cold weather arrives. Late summer is a great time for travelers to take advantage of discounted vacation packages, but it is also a prime time for burglars to break into homes while vacationers are thousands of miles away. What can you and your community do to deter break ins while residents are away on vacation? Below are some helpful summer safety tips.

August 22 ,2013

Tips For Keeping Communities Safe From Wildfires

Almost every summer, wildfires in the Western U.S. remind us of just how unpredictable, powerful, and dangerous nature can be. If your HOA community is located in a region that is vulnerable to natural fires, taking some simple measures can help it avoid experiencing one of the most dangerous seasonal issues: a wildfire. If your community has yet to implement rules that prevent wildfires, approving the measures below is a good place to start.

August 19 ,2013

Conducting Neighborhood Watches: Tips for Association-Governed Communities

In the wake of recent news reports about the safety of neighborhood watch programs, many association-governed communities are reviewing their policies for neighborhood watches. In many communities, the reviews are taking place to help prevent what no community wants to happen during a neighborhood watch: injury to a stranger whose presence is mistaken for a security threat.


Pool Safety: How to Keep Your Community’s Pool Safe for HOA Residents

Community pools are a great place for residents of managed communities to cool off in the summer, but they can also be dangerous if the right safety measures are not taken. In addition to protecting residents from potential dangers, pool safety precautions help to protect a community from lawsuits that stem from pool-related injuries. If your community has not reviewed the state of its swimming pool recently, now is the time to consider whether the following important safety precautions are in place.

January 21 ,2013

Community Association Management: Qualifications for Board Members

Being an HOA board member seldom has an official set of qualifications, however there are certain characteristics that indicate whether a person is a good candidate for the job. Board members are often elected based on familiarity and trust, but these are not the only traits that residents should consider as they elect board members. They should also evaluate candidates based on the criteria below.

January 18 ,2013

HOA Services: Tips for Enforcing Deed Restriction Violations

Deed restrictions are written agreements limiting how the property of a community can be used. Both private and public communities have these restrictions, but the restrictions for the former are typically more stringent. This is because HOA communities have a defined aesthetic and code of conduct that subsequently lends to creating a unique community appeal. However, the board or its homeowners association management company may spend more time enforcing the restrictions than would a municipality. When board members or HOA services have difficulty enforcing deed restriction violations (DRVs), the strategies below can help improve the situation.

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