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How to Promote an Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly HOA

by Carolyn Thacker on Apr 6, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Eco-friendly HOA practices contribute to an eco-friendly community that allows families to live in harmony with nature. Every HOA wants to provide attractive initiatives to its residents. One way to achieve this is to go green. HOAs should have policies that address the issue of climate change and help in reducing waste. It helps if they can take stock of their current practices and see what they can improve on in the coming years. 

This guide provides an overview of a few green initiatives that can help in this quest. It's ideal for any HOA that would want to refresh its community's green initiatives

Develop an Energy Conservation 

Consider having an energy evaluation conducted. This will provide insights into how much energy the community consumes and help you chart a way forward. Your local energy provider can do the audit for you. While at it, check the insulation. Heating and cooling needs can reduce by up to 30% by investing in the proper insulation and weatherization. 

The easiest way to weatherize is to use seal, caulk, and weather strips on all cracks and openings. Install foam gaskets and ensure you close the damper at the clubhouse fireplace when not in use. 

These simple steps can reduce energy bills by up to 10%, which adds up to a considerable amount annually. Installation of solar energy can help to reduce energy costs significantly. However, check the solar access laws in your areas before getting started on the project. 

Create a Recycling Plan

It's essential to invest in clearly labeled recycling bins for use by the community. Proper signage encourages the residents to use the containers correctly. Ensure the messages are visible in the public areas of the community as well as in homes. 

Working with vendors that uphold the same eco-friendly philosophy will make the initiative more appealing to the residents. If they see a strong example from an eco-friendly HOA, they'll be more motivated to make a positive contribution. 


Eco-Friendly Landscaping

A lot of water goes into waste in HOAs communities when landscaping. Having flowers, plants, and trees within the community upholds the property value. However, it's still possible to have beautiful landscapes without so much water wastage. 

This is possible by using eco-friendly HOA practices in landscaping. These include incorporating drought-resistant and native plants in the landscaping. Plants with similar water requirements are best grouped together. It also helps to switch to irrigation systems that help in water conservation. An eco-friendly landscape goes a long way in reducing monthly operational expenses.

Paperless Office and Meetings

Modern technologies can help reduce paper wastage. High-speed internet and modern technologies have made it possible for companies to conduct business digitally. As such, it's now effortless to create a paperless office and hold meetings with fewer paper materials. 

When conducting an HOA meeting, consider the printed materials required. Discuss whether it's necessary to have packets of paper in the forum. You'll realize how possible it is to use much less paper during meetings. Much of the information can be availed electronically, which ideally provides room for review before a presentation. 

Holding shorter HOA board meetings is also an effective strategy in improving eco-friendliness.  The sessions should focus on discussing areas of the community that require improvements in the green initiatives. Every ten to fifteen minutes used in deliberate discussions can benefit the community and environment as well. 

Final Thoughts

Going green is not an easy process for an HOA, but it's highly possible. With the proper planning and good measure of financial management, the change is achievable. Consider engaging an HOA management company to guide you on this transition to becoming an eco-friendly HOA.  

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