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How to Prepare for a Roofing Job in your Condo

by Staff Writer on Jul 23, 2014 7:50:00 AM
Does your condo community have buildings that need new roofs? If so, there are ways to prepare for roofing jobs that minimize confusion, ensure that work is performed properly, and help get work underway quickly. The need for new roofing can result from wear or acute damage. In either case, you can benefit from practicing the tips below that address preparing for a roofing job. For additional information, contact a condo association management company.

Choose Companies that Specialize in What You Need

Roofing companies specialize in installing different types of roofs. Consequently, you should hire one that has years of experience installing the kind of roof you need. Calling around your local area and doing additional research via the Internet will facilitate your efforts in finding out which contractors perform the work you need is an easy way to narrow the field of candidates.


Check Licensing and Insurance

Most states have a contractors state licensing board that can be a valuable resource while you research your options. After you have selected a group of candidates that can perform the work you need, contact your state’s contractors licensing board to ensure that the companies are licensed and insured.


Ask for Customer References

Now that you have a list of companies that can perform the work you need, and are licensed and insured, ask the companies for at least three customer references each. Be sure to ask the references whether they are satisfied with the contractor’s work, whether they received good customer service, and whether they would use the company for another roofing job.


Use a Roofing Consultant if Necessary

If the roofing job will involve measures that are not common to most roofing jobs (e.g., the company must perform repairs in addition to roof installation), you may considering asking a roofing consultant to detail all the work that needs to be performed. Otherwise, contractors may have incomplete information, and subsequently bid on a job that is different than the one that must be performed.


Receive at Least Three Bids

The more bids you receive, the more leverage you have to ask bidders for a lower price. Three bids from different companies is the minimum number you should request. If you have a condo association management provider that oversees building repair and maintenance, it may be able to handle the bidding process on behalf of the board.


Contact Contractors Now

Unless it is fixed quickly, roof damage can lead to other types of building damage, such as water damage to ceilings and floors, mold infestations, and infestations of animals and insects, to name a few. If your community has buildings whose roofs must be repaired or replaced, the time for the neighborhood and its condo association management company to act is now.

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