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How to Increase Volunteers for Boards and Committees

by Staff Writer on Feb 18, 2014 6:15:00 PM

To help cut costs and foster a sense of unity in the community, condominium association management companies often recommend that condominium communities use the help of resident volunteers whenever possible. While using volunteer help is a great idea, getting people to volunteer for boards and committees is often easier said than done. If your community needs to attract volunteers, below are some strategies that will help it attract the volunteer assistance it needs.

1. Make Opportunities Important to Residents

You will have an easier time recruiting volunteers if you plan volunteer opportunities around things that are important to residents. For example, you may not have many takers for something such as a tax planning committee; however a committee that is dedicated to evaluating the placement of cell phone towers and other types of public construction in the community would likely receive plenty of volunteers. Everyone cares about the appearance of their community.

2. Ask People Personally to Volunteer

Turning down volunteer opportunities is easy when a request for volunteers is made as a public announcement at a board meeting, or sent in the form of a public mailer that everyone receives. When you personally ask people to volunteer, on the other hand, it makes them feel more compelled to take the offer. In some cases, people who are asked to volunteer even feel flattered by the request when they know they were selected based on their personal talents.

3. Provide Training if Necessary

People can be reticent to volunteer when they are not sure how to perform the needed services. If you want to recruit a committee to care for your community’s flower beds, announce that you will train them in fertilizing techniques, removing dead foliage, clipping annuals, etc. Many people regard outdoor activities such as gardening and tree pruning as pleasures. Offer to train residents how to perform these types of activities, and watch the volunteer roster fill up.

4. Hold Volunteer Appreciation Events

Volunteers aren’t paid, so you want to find a way to make their efforts seem appreciated. condominium association management companies recommend that communities hold regular volunteer appreciation events that everyone can attend. Residents in well-managed communities typically enjoy community social events. Holding volunteer appreciation events is an excellent way to associate something fun and positive with the act of volunteering.

If you need more ideas for recruiting volunteers for boards and committees in your condo community, consulting with a condominium association management company is an excellent option.

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