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Understanding the Governing Documents of Community Associations - Part 1

by Mary Arnold, CMCA®, AMS® on Nov 1, 2018 8:14:00 AM

In this three part series we will cover various of a associations governing documents are what their purpose is.

What is the purpose of community association governing documents?

The purpose of the governing documents is to provide for the legal structure and operation of the community association.  

What do governing documents do?

  • The documents define the rights and obligations of both the community association an its owners
  • The documents create a binding relationship between each owner and the community association
  • The documents establish the mechanisms for governing and funding the associations operations, including the establishment of the automatic lien

Governing documents set forth rules and restrictions for:
  • Protection of both owners and the community
  • Enhancement of property values
  • Promotion of harmonious living

In part II of this series, we will cover the general hierarchy of authority for community association Governing Documents.


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