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Four Signs That Your Community Needs HOA Management Assistance

by Amanda Causey on Feb 25, 2015 8:00:37 PM

HOA management is a service that helps HOA communities accomplish tasks and address ongoing needs in the community. However, as beneficial as a provider of HOA management can be for a community, some HOAs only hire a manager when the need for one is painfully obvious. By the time this situation arrives, a community has often lost more money due to poor resource management than it has saved by not retaining the services of a management provider.

Signs You Need Assistance

Several signs could indicate that your association-governed community could benefit from the assistance of an experienced HOA manager, but some of them are more prevalent than others. Below are four of the most obvious signs that a planned community needs assistance accomplishing tasks and addressing ongoing needs. If your community experiences any of these situations, contact an experienced HOA management provider to discuss solutions.

Board Members Do Not Have Enough Time

Because most board members serve on a volunteer basis and must balance their need to earn a living with their duty to serve the community, they often lack the time to fully address all the needs of the community. A management provider can step in and help the board accomplish its duties to the neighborhood, and give board members more time to dialogue with residents.

Delinquent Assessment Fees Remain Unpaid

It is not uncommon for a private neighborhood to carry a certain percentage of delinquent assessment fees in its financial records. However, if the number of delinquent accounts continues to grow, and few attempts are made to settle past due amounts, hiring an HOA management provider that has experience in performing debt collection is a good move.

Rules and Regulations Inconsistently Enforced

Nothing makes HOA residents quite as upset as when the rules and regulations in the community’s governing documents are inconsistently enforced. If board members lack the time to consistently enforce governing documents, we recommend that the task be outsourced to a management provider as to assist further.

No Vendor Management Process

If your community uses the services of vendors, it is recommended that a process be in place for reviewing their quality of work and contractual terms. A community management provider can handle both tasks, while still allowing the board the freedom to choose its own vendors. Moreover, implementing a vendor management process can help save money and ensure that quality work is performed.

Make the Call Today

If your community experiences any of the signs above, there is a good chance that they can be resolved with the help of a management provider that specializes in serving HOA communities. If your neighborhood needs third party management assistance, ignoring the signs that it does will only deepen the problems in question. In the end, not receiving assistance can be far more costly than receiving it. If your community needs assistance, make the call today!


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