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Who Is Responsible for Roof Repairs and Replacements in a COA?

Who is responsible if a condo's roof needs to be repaired or replaced? Here's a general overview of how to conduct roofing repairs and replacements.
Kimberly Sutherland | Apr 10, 2024 | 3 min read

Unlike traditional standalone properties, there's uncertainty in condos regarding repairs and replacements for shared amenities like roofing. Condo associations bring unit owners together, pool resources, and set rules on managing shared amenities.

The community governing documents determine how to handle repairs of shared amenities like roofing. In some instances, the board, depending on the association's rules, may decide to cater for the total repairs or part depending on the design of the condos.

That said, the responsibility of repairing roofs may differ from one association to another. Therefore, new board members must acquaint themselves with community association rules.

Here's a general overview of how to conduct roofing repairs and replacements in condo associations.

Financing of The Roofing

The condominium association collects assessments from unit owners for use in landscaping, snow removal, asphalt repairs, drainage, and other amenities. Nonetheless, the objective of the assessment fees collected may not always include fees for repair or replacement.

Whenever there's doubt, a board member may refer to rules governing responsibility for repairs in condos — known as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R). On the other hand, owners of standalone condos may shoulder a larger financial burden than their counterparts in high-rise condos.

In a closely built unit, the roof damage may extend to your neighbor's property. If the damage originates from your property, it becomes your responsibility to finance the repairs and vice versa. The same case applies to your neighbor. Even so, condo associations find it difficult to solve these disputes.

A point to note: In instances where a condo association meets the repair cost, it's transferred to unit owners through assessments. The association budgets for annual expenses and incorporates them while calculating dues. Whenever there's a shortfall, the association can raise the rate of the dues to compensate or have a special assessment.

Selecting the Vendor

The success of a roofing repair or replacement depends on the choice of contractor or the vendor. The contractor will influence the process, quality components, and the time it will complete the exercise.

When the condo association takes the burden of conducting repairs or replacements, they're responsible for choosing the vendor. The burden may also fall on the homeowner if rules stipulate so.

Here's a breakdown of what it takes to choose the ideal vendor:

Licensing And Insurance: It's vital to work with contractors with prerequisite licensing to avoid safety and inspection complications. Some states require Business Contractor Licensing and others Professional Licensing. A vendor with professional indemnity shields you from potential liability that may arise in the process of repairs. It's, therefore, crucial to obtain proof of property damage and liability insurance.

Competence: A highly experienced and competent team is a recipe for quality service. Check the company profile to determine whether the team has the right mix to guarantee excellent results.

Recommendations: Ask around among social groups or friends to get an excellent service provider. An expert who has a good reputation makes it easy to locate them through recommendations.

The Repair Process

The repair process is an extensive process that requires perfect harmony of schedule, weather, and financing. Planning is, therefore, part of the job regardless of the nature of the job— whether minor or major repairs.

Normally, the repair job can take 2-3 days or under a week. However, the time frame can extend if there are major repairs needed. In addition, professionals that work during weekdays eliminate disruptions—associated with family members being present—resulting in a faster turnaround time.

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Roofing is a shared expense in condos, which is why it falls under the mandate of condo associations. Board members, therefore, have the responsibility of interpreting their rules, determining liability, and sometimes solving conflicts. That said, it's important to work with a COA management company like RealManage. We have a wealth of experience and talent in managing unique COA issues. Visit us to learn more about our services.

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