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What You Want to Know About HOA Management Companies.

An HOA Management Company is simply a professional management team responsible for enforcing and maintaining the integrity of an HOA’s policies
Page Carlee | Apr 10, 2024 | 4 min read

HOA Management Companies Defined -

 "An HOA management company is simply a professional management team responsible for enforcing and maintaining the integrity of an HOA’s policies, facilitating communication between board members, residents and vendors, as well as helping to handle the day to day operations."

 HOA management companies can save your community and board members time, money and stress but not a lot of people know how. Often mistaken for the HOA board itself, it can be difficult to know what services and benefits are provided by a professionally managed community.

Here are some of the most important things to know about HOA and community association management companies:

  1. We are not the Homeowners Association or the Board Members. An HOA board is responsible for the community’s governance. This means they make decisions according to the CC&Rs regarding the appearance and maintenance of common areas, and determine penalties for non-compliant homeowners. HOA board members are volunteer elected homeowners, they are not employees of the HOA management company. Communities may choose to hire a third-party management company to help enforce their policies, facilitate communication with homeowners and help with ongoing maintenance of common areas. Some communities may even elect to have an on-site manager for these tasks. Because these operations are often so integrated, it can be easy to mistake one for the other. Simply put, while the HOA board makes the rules and decisions, the HOA Management Company helps enforce those rules and decisions. All decision making authority resides with your association board, not the management company.
  1. Management Solutions are Scalable. The services a community association management company offer vary. Different HOA management companies offer a variety of services to fit all different community needs. Townhomes, condos & master-planned single family homes often have different amenities, common areas and each has unique needs.

    Services offered by RealManage include: Board Portal and Mobile Apps
    • Accounting Management
    • Homeowner and Resident Support
    • Deed Restriction Management
    • Task/Project Management
    • Vendor Assistance
    • Onsite Trained and Certified Staff
    • Architectural Control Assistance
    • Collections and Delinquency Accounting
  1. Transparency in Communication is Key. Many residents mistakenly believe that HOA board members and the property management company try to keep secrets or hide things from the community, especially when it comes to rules and regulations. RealManage strives to provide transparent, open and honest communication with board members but also with homeowners and vendors. Our technology platform actually encourages this by keeping detailed records of all incoming and outgoing communications, as well as keeping well documented CC&R’s and other governing documents.
  1. We Respect Environmentally Friendly Practices. Though it can sometimes be difficult with architectural guidelines and deed restrictions, your management company definitely sees the benefit of “going green”. We know more and more homeowners are looking for sustainable resources and continue to find new and innovative forms of eco-friendly living. We encourage our clients to adopt policies regarding solar panels, xeriscaping, community gardens and composting. Again, though it’s important to remember that while we can provide instruction and assistance, we cannot make the rules. Check with your HOA board before making any home adjustments that might interfere with any regulations already in place.
  1. Building Community is Our Goal. Yes, it’s true that HOA management companies are enforcing the rules and policies set by your homeowners association and board members, and we know that can make us seem like the enemy, but that’s never ever our goal. We want to enhance the value and sense of community within your neighborhood. We pay attention to detail and focus on how we can include homeowners and residents in every step of the way. We often encourage our boards to plan events for holidays and for fun because we know that happy living is integral to your lifestyle.

HOA and condominium companies care about the community as much as the homeowners do. It’s not only our job but our privilege to help optimize property values and work to ensure a safe and secure living environment for everyone. If you’re ready to learn more about how an HOA management company can benefit your community, RealManage is ready to help.

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