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Top 8 Committees That Help Every Community Function Better

by Kara Cermak, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM® on Nov 23, 2021 9:40:00 AM

The HOA is charged with running, managing, and maintaining the community. But being an HOA director can be overwhelming due to the never-ending tasks and responsibilities that one has to handle with their family, work, hobbies, and other personal responsibilities or interests. That's why it is crucial to have committees that make it possible to share and divide workload instead of leaving it all on HOA board members.

Considerations When Forming a Committee

Committees, just like HOAs, are not the same, and it's crucial to prioritize forming those that will benefit your HOA. Some factors to consider when creating a committee include:

  • The type that best helps the community.
  • The goals and objectives of the committee.
  • The approval process for funding the committee.
  • How the committee will meet its goals.
  • The committee's reporting method (to the HOA board) and the frequency.
  • Committee size, structure, and charter defining the roles and responsibilities.

While every HOA and community is unique, with varying needs, in this article, we have compiled a list of top 8 committees that would help any community and board function better.

Welcome Committee

A welcome committee meets and greets new homeowners to make them feel comfortable and ease their transition process. It is also upon the welcome committee members to help introduce new homeowners to community rules and regulations and other things about the HOA, including contacts, convenient shops, and nearby amenities.

Architectural Control Committee

Most developments within HOA get controlled. Also known as the architectural review committee or architectural committee, the architectural control committee enforces the community's architectural standards and guidelines to avoid losing its uniform aesthetic appeal, leading to lower property values.

Landscaping Committee

Landscaping is critical to any HOA because it enhances the neighborhood's aesthetic appeal and maintains property value. The landscaping committee is in charge of keeping the community grounds in good condition. Maintaining flower beds, lawns, gardens, trees, lakes, ponds, or hiring landscaping vendors are all the duties of this committee. It also ensures that every homeowner's garden or lawn adheres to the guidelines provided in the HOA's policies.


The budget committee comprises homeowners but gets headed by the treasurer of the HOA. The HOA president, community manager, and the finance committee leader. Together with the homeowners, all these leaders get charged with coming up and implementing a budget to meet the association's goals within the set timeline. The committee also tracks monthly expenses, manages HOA funds and investments, schedules audits, and generally manages finances.

Social/Events Committee

The social committee must keep the community enthusiastic and jovial by planning and hosting social events. During events such as garage sales, welcome parties, summer festivals, or block parties, homeowners also get the chance to meet their neighbors. All the events have to be well-organized and hosted within the allocated budget.

Homeowner Education Committee

This committee educates homeowners on the perks and importance of living in an organized and well-structured neighborhood and interacting with neighbors who have similar interests. This committee might orient new residents about community living or host periodical meetings where homeowners interact with their HOA's leadership.

Contract Review Committee

The HOA deals with vendors, which can be a complex affair if not handled well. The contract review committee evaluates and assesses vendor contracts to ensure that the HOA is getting the right value for the services they are paying for. Conducting annual performance reviews on vendors is also the work of this committee.

Neighborhood Watch/Safety Committee

Homeowners' and community safety is crucial. That's why the neighborhood watch or a safety committee is among the top committees for any community. This committee helps keep the community safe through things like nighttime patrols and light installations. It also liaises with local law enforcement and shares crime prevention information with homeowners while teaching them how to respond during an emergency.

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