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August 22, 2013
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Tips For Keeping Communities Safe From Wildfires

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Almost every summer, wildfires in the Western U.S. remind us of just how unpredictable, powerful, and dangerous nature can be.

If your community is located in a region that is vulnerable to natural fires, taking some simple measures can help it avoid experiencing one of the most dangerous seasonal issues: a wildfire.

Keep reading for some helpful tips on keeping your community safe from wildfires. .

1. Keep Tree Limbs Away From The Ground

Tree limbs should be trimmed at least six feet away from the ground to prevent ground fires from spreading to trees. Known to firefighters as “ladder fuel,” low tree limbs are a major cause of wildfires spreading to treetops after they get going on the ground.

2. Control The Storage Of Combustibles

Poorly stored combustibles can be like a powder keg waiting to explode. If a wildfire comes into contact with a large supply of firewood, lumber, or flammable liquids, its ability to conflagrate can increase exponentially. Storing combustibles in grassy areas away from trees is a good idea.

3. Remove Fallen Debris From Trees

Dry bark, needles, and leaves from trees can serve as kindling that starts a wildfire. If a lit cigarette butt or an ember from an outdoor fire pit contacts the debris, a fire can start and spread in just seconds. Removing fallen debris from trees is typically done in the autumn, but it should be done in the summer, too.

4. Follow Roofing Regulations

When a wildfire is spreading, the roof area is the most vulnerable part of a home. When it comes time for homeowners to install a new roof on their residence, they should follow the association’s roofing regulations, which should ideally address the need for fireproof roofing if the community is located in a wildfire zone. Requiring residents to use fireproof roofing as a part of a plan to address seasonal issues is a good way to protect the community from wildfires.

An HOA Manager Can Help

If your community needs a plan for protecting its property from fire hazards, consulting with an HOA manager that has experience in helping managed communities address seasonal issues and make their property safer is the best idea. For more information about implementing a wildfire prevention plan, contact an HOA management company today.

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