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May 11, 2021
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The Right Time for Asphalt Repairs and Ideal Contractors

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One of the main roles of community associations (Homeowner Associations and Condominium Owner Associations) is to maintain the value of the community on behalf of homeowners. It also goes hand in hand with the maintenance of amenities and utilities to ensure a safe, decent, and aesthetically appealing environment. That said, the board members of community associations should regularly assess the condition of asphalt roads. Regular assessment provides a basis to avert a potential crisis and reduce the overall cost of repair. So, what's the right time for asphalt repair?

1. Summer or Spring

The application of asphalt requires to be done when temperatures are between 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The range allows uniform cooling, which is critical for filling cracks on the paths. On the other hand, when temperatures are below the above range, it weakens the repairs.

That said, the best time to conduct repairs is during the hot months of spring and summer. Asphalt applied during this season has enough time to cure, which boosts its longevity. When snow falls, it covers the freshly filled asphalt, making it less conspicuous— this can cause accidental damage to the snow removal machine or the repairs.

A point to note: Asphalt companies close during winter because of low demand, which makes raw materials unavailable or expensive.

2. When Potholes Appear

Besides temperature, it's logical to conduct repairs as soon as they occur. Performing repairs on demand prevents potholes and cracks from expanding, which saves on cost. If there's a need to conduct an urgent repair in winter, look for a company that offers cold mix asphalt or infrared patching.

3. Winter Is Also an Alternative

Because of the high demand associated with summer and spring, it's advisable to consider winter in your plans. You can quickly secure a repair appointment which implies better planning and a fair price. You'll accord the contractor ample time to assess the damage and source supplies that will yield excellent results.

How to Choose the Right Repair Company

Different asphalt repair companies have unique strengths and competencies. As such, it's prudent to assess their services keenly. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Experience of the Company

Interrogate the expertise of the target company based on the scope of the job. Check whether the company has conducted repairs on parking slots, main paths, and different sizes of communities. The ideal contractor should have experience working on a similar project and the ability to execute large projects.

  • Competent Employees

The contractor should have sufficient and well-trained staff ready to take up the job. Check worrying pointers such as high staff turnover to avoid working with a dysfunctional team. On the other hand, check whether the contractor has the right qualifications and registration to do the job.

  • Reputation

A reputable company offers excellent services to customers who, in turn, leave positive reviews. Look at these reviews on third-party websites, social media platforms, and search engine listings — endeavor to work with reputable companies for a better success rate.

  • Equipment 

The process of asphalt repair requires different machines like sealant mixers, dump trucks, and rolling machines. The ideal company should have a set of quality equipment.

Let Us Help You Manage Asphalt RepairsNeed Help Managing HOA Vendors?

A repair job done in a shoddy manner can be frustrating to you and the homeowners. Equally, it's easy to ruin members' trust and finances by making the wrong decision. As such, it's essential to look for a dedicated management solution to handle repairs and other maintenance needs. To that end, RealManage is the perfect HOA/COA management solution for members. We use technological solutions, industry experts, and experience to help you manage your community better. Contact us today for more information.


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