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The Purpose and Benefits of Stormwater Systems in Your HOA Community

by Joseph Hansen on Aug 20, 2019 9:31:00 AM

A body of water dotting the landscape in an HOA community can be not only an attractive feature but also serve an important purpose. At first sight, a pond may seem like a part of the natural environment surrounding it. In most cases, a pond located within a community is part of a larger stormwater system. Stormwater ponds play an important role when it comes to water and wildlife management. 

The Necessity of Stormwater Systems

When rainfall lands in a developed area, it must have someplace to go. Referred to as runoff, rain exiting parking lots, roads, and buildings—water-resistant surfaces—collects in ponds or storm basins. Without a stormwater pond, the runoff enters the nearest waterway. By having some place for the runoff to go, the community is safe from potential flooding.  

Runoff is especially concerning for the environment due to the pollutants that travel in the water. Rain gathers sediments, chemicals, and litter as it lands on surfaces. The advantage of stormwater systems is that they filter these harmful substances from the water. The filtration process prevents pollutants from reaching streams, watersheds, rivers, and ultimately, the ocean. 

Stormwater Systems in Your HOA Community

The very design of stormwater systems—to mimic the natural environment—draw wildlife to the area. Certain types of animals, fish, and insects depend upon habitats like a stormwater pond for survival. 

Stormwater systems require regular maintenance. The overall appearance of a stormwater pond in your HOA can make or break the sale of a home. A dirty and obviously neglected pond can result in a negative first impression for your community. 

Adding features like that of a fountain can have not only aesthetic benefits but can also help the health of your pond. By recirculating the water, fountains can reduce the mosquito population, control odors, and reduce algae. 

Educate association members about ways they can help reduce water pollution. Members may not realize that washing their car with a garden hose contributes to runoff or that a vehicle that leaks oil is also harmful to the environment. 

A stormwater pond can serve as a centerpiece of community pride when it is properly maintained. At the same time, it helps control flooding, provides homes for wildlife, and protects major waterways. 

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About RealManage

A stormwater system requires oversight, something association boards may not realize. Managing an HOA community requires dedication and focus. With board members serving as volunteers, their time is precious. 

A professional property management company provides the oversight an association needs for success. They can see the big picture and can provide guidance for board members with a variety of issues. 

One key component of a professional property management company like RealManage is communication. Fostering open lines of communication between boards and association members is important for creating a thriving community. For example, when members understand the importance of a stormwater pond, they will most likely take precautions to reduce their water pollution habits. 

At RealManage, we serve as a well-rounded resource for the challenges associations may face. Our guidance can provide your board with the peace-of-mind it needs to govern efficiently. 

If you're looking for a management partner, contact us or complete this online request for a proposal. The RealManage team brings years of experience and highly-skilled professionals to associations throughout the United States. Let us put our skills to use for your board by reaching out today.

From stormwater systems to budget management, RealManage provides professional property management that helps your community thrive. RealManage serves single-family communities, condominium associations, mixed-use communities and more. 


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