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August 15, 2019
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The Best Advice for Serving on Your HOA Board

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The Best Advice for Serving on Your HOA Board

Serving on an HOA board is quite different in that the board represents the community in which you live. Making decisions that impact your neighbors can weigh heavily on your mind and affect your relationships with others. The key to serving successfully requires a focus on the big picture and what's best for the good of the association. By implementing the helpful advice listed below, you'll feel better about your role as an HOA board member:

Don't Take Things Personally

We'll start with one of the hardest things first. Most likely you agreed to serve on the board because you care about your community. When an association member becomes upset and verbally attacks you, it's important not to take their actions personally. 

Setting emotions and personal feelings aside is essential for finding success as a board member. Not every association member is going to agree with board decisions and that's OK. Don't let their disappointment or anger defeat your purpose. 

Do Your Homework

Preparing for your board meeting helps you feel more relaxed when the day arrives. Waiting until the last minute to review the minutes from the previous meeting or to read the agenda for the first time can leave you feeling anxious.

If you don't understand a topic or particular issue, seek information from those who can help you. For example, a budget question is best directed to the person responsible for the association's financial management. 

It is the combination of skills and talents that make an HOA board successful. No one person has to know it all. Rely on those around you to assist you with matters outside your scope of experience and knowledge. 

Balance Board Service and Personal Life

As much as you want to help your community to thrive, serving on the board is a volunteer position. Demanding association members can easily drain your time, making it essential that you create balance for yourself and your family.

Juggling too many responsibilities with the board, your job, and your personal life can easily lead to burnout. Just remember that your board position is a part of what you do, but no all that you do. By finding balance, you may find your service on the board more enjoyable.

View Your Property Management Company as an Asset

One of the most important traits of a successful board member is recognizing the value of your property management company. Their guidance and experience can serve as important tools for you and your fellow board members.

A professional property management company works with you to find the best solutions possible for creating a thriving community. They are an important asset that board members shouldn't overlook but rather view as a vital partner. 

Financial Management Guide for Community Associations

About RealManage

In addition to providing great support, a property management company can lessen the load of HOA board members. At RealManage, we have experience managing single-family HOAs and condominium associations, mixed-use communities, and more. 

Our services include fostering vendor relationships, improving communication between the board and members, and managing the association within budget. For a complete list of our services and to learn more about us, request a proposal

Your HOA board service matters and so does professional property management. RealManage knows what it takes to develop a strong sense of community and how good board management can make that happen. By working together, we can make your community an attractive option for future homeowners and a great place to stay for current residents.

Let us help guide you with important board decisions and oversight. You'll sleep easier knowing your board work matters and that your property management team has your back. Reach out to RealManage today for more information about how we can help your HOA board.


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