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July 13, 2021
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Summer Safety Tips for your Community

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The summer months are upon us, and while they offer plenty of fun activities, the heat brought by the summer sun can cause problems from time to time. Even if it isn't excessively hot outside, some summer activities can still pose some risks. To keep yourself, your family, and your neighbors safe this summer, try these safety tips for your community.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important year-round, but the extra sweating we do in the summer months means we need to drink more water to stay hydrated. Many experts suggest you drink eight ounces of water before going outside and carry a water bottle with you at all times to continue hydrating throughout your time in the sun. 


Time Your Activities

The sun is at its harshest between two and five pm, so try to plan outdoor activities around these hours. If there is no way to avoid these hours, make sure there is plenty of water and shade around. 


Dress for the Occasion

If you are spending a significant amount of time outside, make sure to wear breathable clothes. In addition, Richland Health suggests wearing lightweight and light-colored clothing to reflect the heat and sunlight. 


Wear Sunscreen

Kids of the 90s will remember the pop song by Baz Luhrmann extolling the virtues of sunscreen, and he wasn't wrong. Sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful effects of too much sun, including serious burns and skin cancer. Make sure to use an SPF appropriate for the conditions and the age group. 


Watch Swimmers 

Summer is the time for swimming, and if your community has a pool, it is likely to be a hotspot over the summer months. Everyone has different swimming abilities, and even the greatest swimmers can find themselves in trouble sometimes, so it is important to have people watch swimmers to avoid accidents. Communities may want to hire a lifeguard or create a community schedule where adults take turns watching the pool area. Another option would be to initiate a buddy system that doesn't allow kids to swim without another person with them in case of an emergency. 


Hold a Neighborhood Safety Meeting

The best way to get on the same page as your neighbors is to hold a community meeting to talk about safety measures. This page has several ideas on topics to cover to make your neighborhood and your community at large a safer place to live. 


Keep Water Around Fires and Grill

If there hasn't been a lot of rain in your area, the grass and other vegetation in your neighborhood are likely to be dry, making it more likely to spread a fire if one were to start. If you enjoy an evening around a fire pit or grilling, make sure to follow all fire safety measures, keep water around the fire to put it out quickly, and make sure that the fire is completely out before you leave it unattended. 


Keep the Kids Well Lit

One of the greatest parts of childhood is carefree summers with cool nights and no bedtime. If the kids in your neighborhood are staying out past dark, keep them safe by ensuring adequate lighting in your community. If that isn't an option, explore other ways to keep kids safe in the dark, like glowing jewelry or wearable lights. 


Don't Forget the Pets

Pets are an important part of our communities too, but they are sometimes overlooked. Talk with the community and see if there is a place in the community that can be designated as a pet rest area with water and shade for pets on hot days. 


Community Effort

While these and other ideas will ensure that you and your family stay safe this summer, it truly is a community effort. When everyone pitches in, everyone succeeds. So stay safe this summer and enjoy making memories in and outside your home. 

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