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Styling Ideas to Turn Your House into a Home

by Guest Blogger on Dec 1, 2020 8:48:00 AM

People focus so much on our houses' aesthetics that we often don't get the chance to sit with ourselves and think deeply about what would make us most comfortable in them.  Our homes are where most of us spent the majority of our time, especially now with lockdown restrictions causing more remote work schedules. Our homes are where we find shelter from the world.  It doesn't make sense that our houses are only styled by popular opinion, when those choices don't always take into account our own personal taste and preferences. Below are some home styling tips that will make any house feel more homey and comfortable in no time.

Bring In Life

Plants are like a pet that won't ruin your carpet and can give you back oxygen to clean your air.  Taking care of a plant can help fight against anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders that otherwise could drag someone down.  If you have cats or dogs, research plants before you buy them, so you don't accidentally purchase something poisonous or toxic.  Take the time your plants deserve to water and care for them, and they'll reward you in beautiful green leaves and clear air.


Get The Most Out of Sunlight

If you don’t have many windows that let in sunlight, challenge this by using mirrors to bounce light around your home.  Sunlight is a fantastic source of vitamin D, which fights against depression and helps improve mood and overall health.  Using mirrors, you can make that sunlight stretch further, and can make rooms seem large because of the space they reflect.

Though some more decorative style mirrors can be expensive, you can often find unique and stylish second hand ones on sites like Offerup or Facebook Marketplace. Remember that you can always paint the trim of any mirror you find that you like or you can even take them have them professionally mounted in a frame that fits your idea of style.

Consider Your Temperature Comforts

Everyone runs at a different temperature.  This base level is based on where you grew up, your BMI, and even your gender.  Consider if you run hot or cold, and then set things out that help combat that.  If you're always hot, get a couple of cute and retro desk fans. Again many trendy vintage items that you find in second hand or discount stores can be refreshed with a simple coat of paint.

If you still run cold, you have every reason to go ahead and cover your home with blankets for you to snuggle into at any moment.  Pick ways to make yourself more comfortable, and indulge in them. Choose blankets in accent colors that will compliment your home that way if they are laid over the back of your chair or folded neatly in a corner they will still add extra style to your decor. 

What Colors and Textures Do You Like?

You’d rather sleep in a new mattress that has the best size for you because we're creatures that love things that suit us perfectly.  What textures make you happiest? If you prefer the thin light textures maybe stay away from things with the word plush or heavy, but there are plenty of unique fabrics and colors that are suited to every taste.  Find ways to implement them throughout your home.  If you love an excellent quilted texture, put some quilted blankets on your couches and chairs.  If, instead, you appreciate fuzzy textures, try out some velvet pillow covers.  Make all of your senses happy, not just your eyes!

Color is another very important factor in making your house feel like YOUR HOME. Some people love a bright pop of a living coral while others want a deep ocean navy blue and others may like to keep things simple with taupes and neutrals. It's easy to incorporate a feature wall in your home in a unique accent color without worrying too much about how it will age, because you can always just add a different color next year. 

Make Your Kitchen Welcoming

Our kitchens are one of the first things people think of when asked if they want to remodel their homes.  They can be a large source of insecurity, which is why we must put a lot of energy into fixing them up to be proud of them.  Get appliances that are attractive to you that you know you're going to use.  If you hate baking, don't get a stand mixer just because it's a classic kitchen piece.  Go for things that you will use.  Deep clean, put down some fresh paint and make your kitchen into a room you're proud to show off.

Display Things You Love

Whether you have endless family photos that make you smile, or you love goofy paintings of fish, think about what makes you happy.  Don't worry about whether it's in style or a popular look; dress up your home in a way that will leave you excited to come home every day.  That can be a challenging idea to grapple with when you're starting, but think about the fact that this is your home!  It doesn’t belong to anyone but the people that live there, so make it into a place that feels like an extension of yourself.


Consider Smells 

What scents make you happy?  Do you like green apple smells, or are you into ague scents like 'ocean breeze'?  Get wall plugins, or candles, and place these in medium-traffic areas.  High traffic zones could seem to get knocked over, but you want to be able to smell them at the same time!  Set them on a side table that won't get knocked into, or a counter that is away from a heavily walked path in your home.

Can’t Forget Sound

You don't need to have a white noise machine running 24/7, but you should place Bluetooth speakers in areas you'll want them most.  Like a Google Home, some devices can automatically set up schedules so that you can listen to soothing music at night or a work playlist during the day.  Make these devices easily accessible so that you can turn them on and off as you wish, and enjoy getting to escape into the world you make for yourself.

Your home is a place that’s just for you, where you should be able to relax and enjoy your time unwinding and taking in good things through all of your senses.  Take steps to make that dream a reality!


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