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St. Patricks Day Family-Friendly Event Ideas for HOAs

by Holly Bunch on Mar 6, 2019 8:10:00 AM

This March holiday centers around all things green and Irish. If your parade and green beer days are behind you and family-friendly events are more your style, then consider these fun options for your HOA. You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your HOA. Members of all ages will enjoy trying their luck with these engaging activities.

Leprechaun Costume Photo Booth—Encourage members to dress in their best leprechaun costume and provide a photo booth to capture the fun. Add props for the booth using free online printable templates. Photo booths help create social media engagement as members share pictures of them enjoying the HOA event with family and friends.

Pot-of-Gold Coin Toss—Provide chocolate-covered coins for children toss into decorated pots. Plan distances according to age groups and supply prizes to those who get the most coins in the designated pot. Not only is the game fun for children, but it also helps them to practice hand-eye coordination. 

Treat Making Station—A St. Patrick's Day party isn't complete without magically delicious treats. Here are a few ideas, healthy and sweet, for families to create together during the event:

  • Shamrock cookie decorating—Provide pre-baked, shamrock-shaped cookies and lots of green colored decorations, including icing and sprinkles
  • Ice cream toppings—Use vanilla or green mint ice cream and offer a choice of toppings, including Lucky Charms cereal, perfect for creating a St. Patrick's Day ice cream sundae.
  • Rainbow fruit skewer—Cut up small pieces of fruit and provide skewers for this healthy treat. For extra fun, include pattern cards as a learning tool for children. Use special care with the skewers and encourage family participation.

Lucky Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt—Have members test their luck at finding all items listed on a preprinted card. Hide objects in advance of the event and have cards available at the door. Encourage members to ask others for clues—not answers—regarding the location of objects. A scavenger hunt can increase networking among members and increase event participation as players seek to complete the list. 

Dance to Irish Music—Celtic music and dancing can liven up any St. Patrick's Day event. You don't have to know how to dance an Irish jig to enjoy the sounds of this popular music. Preplan a playlist of Irish music and inquire about any Irish dancers within your HOA. You never know what skills a member may have—and be willing to share—for your St. Patrick's Day event.

Shamrock Pipe Cleaner—Visit a local craft store for a supply of green pipe cleaners. Have printed images of shamrocks available as a guide and let participants make their own shamrock to pin to their clothing or simply take home.

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