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How to Recruit Potential HOA Board Members: Useful Strategies & Tips

by Holly Bunch on Mar 22, 2018 8:10:00 AM

Volunteering is a great way to share your talents and to give back to your community. Finding the time to volunteer is sometimes challenging and finding people willing to volunteer is sometimes even more challenging. For HOA boards, member involvement is crucial to providing responsible and successful HOA management. Here are a few tips on how to recruit potential HOA board members in a positive and encouraging way:

Educate & Advocate

In today's busy world, a majority of community members are working hard to make ends meet and to juggle family obligations. Out-of-site, out-of-mind complacency is not unusual when it comes to HOA boards. To recruit new members, the board should consider "tooting its own horn" in terms of sharing success stories and highlighting accomplishments. The board could then advocate the need for community involvement. Newsletters, social media, and community events are great ways to call attention to the importance of HOA boards and the need for strong, contributing board members.

Recruit Members With Relevant & Needed Experience

Identify the board's most crucial needs in respect to issues such finance. Next, consider seeking out members who are knowledgeable and experienced in those fields. Use a one-on-one approach by inviting one of these members to lunch or coffee. Refrain from an ambush approach of stopping them on the sidewalk: A relaxed atmosphere is best in approaching the topic of serving on the board. Share what you have enjoyed your board experience and describe how their expertise is needed for the betterment of the community. Be sure to be enthusiastic and encouraging without being pushy.

Encourage Those Who Complain to Serve

If a community member frequently complains to board members about board decisions or community issues, they may just make a good board member.  The fact is that if a particular community member knows enough to complain, then they are paying attention to the board and its actions. Pay attention to what the member is complaining about. Legitimate issues of concern demonstrate a level of care about the community and an invitation to join the board may be a good move. Constantly complaining about petty issues, such as trash day being Tuesday and not Thursday, is a red flag that a member may cause more stress to a board than help. 

Short-Term Appointments

Short-term appointments are a great way for a potential HOA board member to see if serving on the board is something they would enjoy. When a board member steps down due to a move or other circumstance, most boards can appoint a replacement to complete the term. Approach a homeowner that would make a great addition to the board and explain that it is for a short-term appointment. The invitation to serve and yet not commit to a long-term could benefit the board and the homeowner in assuring both is a great fit. With a little luck, the short term appointment may result in a new, long-term board member.

The Importance of Recruiting

HOA boards conduct important community business that requires knowledgeable and involved community members.  Being a board member comes with serious responsibilities, including fiduciary oversight. Existing board members have enough on their plate and adding recruitment of new members may seem like a daunting task. Recruiting takes time and effort but as members become complacent, board members must not. Investing time in learning more about the expertise of your members, identifying those you want to encourage, and deciding your method of approach are vital to assembling a great board. Boards do not have to go it alone: HOA management services, tools, and guidance are available. Start improving your recruiting methods today by implementing the ideas listed above today

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