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April 20, 2023
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6 Encouraging Ways to Promote Voluntary Rule Compliance

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Community associations create rules that communities and their members must abide by for long-term success. Everyone gets along much better when there are guidelines to govern what should and shouldn't occur in a society.

Having rules doesn't necessarily mean people will follow them, so as a community association member, you must find ways to inspire voluntary compliance. This post explains six intelligent ways to encourage free rule compliance in your community.

Address Violations Before Acting

Infractions in a community should not be punishable the first time they occur. Instead, talk to the offenders and the community as a whole about the importance of a specific rule being in place. 

If a homeowner continues to violate the rules, try to explain the in-depth consequences of their behavior. Most residents are more inclined to follow guidelines if they understand their importance and are approached civilly.

Refer Residents to Community Rules

Some more experienced residents might have already forgotten the rules, while the newcomers may not realize they exist. You should always refer a violator to the community rules when they commit an offense to emphasize its significance.

Show them where to find the governing documents and remind them to read them as often as possible. Don't forget to stress the guidelines' legal power, as that may have a better psychological impact on them in the future.

Setup a Compliance Committee

Forming a compliance committee is the best idea if you want more time to fulfill your responsibilities and keep everyone compliant. It also promotes transparency as residents see the committee as an independent unbiased party.

The work of this committee will be to:

  • Help create new rules and amend old ones
  • Announce new policies and regulations
  • Combine hands with the board for rule enforcement
  • Develop ways for community members to access rules

Note that the committee's work is only to enforce what the board approves but not take over its functions.

Encourage Public Participation in the Rule Making Process

Communities love being involved in decision-making, and rule creation could be the perfect chance to get their input. Plus, the needs in a community change so fast that the only way to keep your finger on the pulse is to involve the residents.

Take time to go through the community documents with homeowners to identify areas that may require adjustment. If possible, invite some owners to become part of the compliance committee and schedule public town halls to discuss their opinions on the current rules and enforcement methods. 

Remember to send out surveys or polls to get helpful feedback from the entire community on proposed measures.

Notify Residents Before Voting in a New Rule

Notifying homeowners of an impending vote is customary and required in most circumstances. Give them plenty of notice before any changes take place. Also, make any voting process transparent in line with the governing regulations so that homeowners feel included in the process.

Improve Communication with Residents

Communication is vital in every part of life, and it's the same for community associations. Use all forms of modern communication to stay in touch with your residents and inform, update, and remind them of community rules and regulations. Keep all channels of communication with your residents open in case of any suggestions or challenges.

Implement the Fair Rule Enforcement and Creation Policy

When communities are more involved in community association projects, they're more likely to take them up more seriously and stay compliant without as much friction. Get in touch with us to learn more about the best rule creation and enforcement policies.

Final Thoughts

By implementing the approaches we've shared, your board can promote voluntary rule compliance and create a more harmonious and enjoyable living environment for all members. Remember that change takes time and effort, but the rewards of a compliant and cohesive community are worth it.

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