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February 15, 2022
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Prepare Your HOA for Spring

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Dreadful winter months are coming to an end. Everything is springing up, and so should your community too; the flowers are budding, the green leafy environment is returning, and people are spending less time indoors. However, early preparation is paramount if your HOA will enjoy the warmer months ahead.

What should the HOA management do to ensure the community will have it easy throughout the favorable spring weather and the hotter summer conditions? This article will take you through some crucial things your community needs to consider this seedtime.

1. Landscaping

In your community's outdoor areas, little attention was paid during the cold season because of the chilly temperatures. Therefore, trees might have formed bushes, while some of the branches/leaves may have fallen dead on the ground around the neighborhood. Schedule a landscaping work after taking a walk-through inspection to determine the extent of the issue and what you might want to change in the scene this year.

2. Ensure the Safety & Cleanliness of Playground and Pool

Most of your HOA's amenities will now be busy during the spring and summer. These areas should be friendly, healthy, and safe from any hazards. First, schedule a power wash for structures around the playground, including walkways, courts, and other concrete surfaces. During the cold months, grime and dirt accumulate. Doing this will restore the curb appeal of your home.

Additionally, check the safety of the equipment around the amenities to ensure there are no loose/rusty bolts, risky damage/cracks, or other places that can endanger the community's safety, especially that of children. If there is any that requires repair, it's prudent to get it done as soon as possible. Don't forget to inspect the roofing for leaks or cracks that may need restoration as well.

Finally, if your HOA has a pool, the cold temperatures of winter meant that it was left neglected. People will have more reason to use it as the weather becomes warmer. The last thing you want is for people to dive into an unsafe pool. Springtime is the perfect season for professional pool cleaners and maintenance to do what they know best. It is essential to clean the area around the pool, replace the filters, remove debris from the pond, and inspect the pool walls. Lastly, ensure that the chemical components of the pool water have been restored to the recommended level.

3. The AC Needs Maintenance

It may be months since your ACs throughout your community buildings last worked. As with all other HVAC systems, your air conditioner needs servicing to prepare it for spring and much hotter months during the summer, when it'll work harder. Early inspection of your AC ensures you save money by repairing the problem while it's still a small one and avoiding a future total breakdown that may require a costly replacement.

4. Sign Service Contracts with Contractors

Most spring and summer cleaning, maintenance, and other projects will require the HOA board members to advertise and consider bids from various vendors. Whether it's repainting, lawn maintenance, planting, or sidewalk/parking lot repair, you'd want the best service provider within your budget to take up the work. We advise you to receive quotes from at least three vendors, then compare them against each other, and after you choose the best suit for you, don't sign that service contract without getting answers to these nine questions.

5. Host a Spring Event for Your HOA

With the spring's not too humid, not too hot weather, there is no perfect time than now for your community to celebrate and socialize. The event creates an ideal moment to get the glue that holds your community together stronger and showcase your work and near-future plans to the HOA members. You can consider a few events, including a cookout, movie night, a spring planting event, or a community garage sale.

Pro Tip: Remind the HOA members to perform their properties' spring cleaning and maintenance. You can do this via email or a newsletter. Members feel cared for, strengthening the bond between the board and members.

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