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Pest Control in HOA and Condo Associations: Everything You Should Know for Spring

by Jennifer Harvey on Apr 13, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Pests are a common problem many homeowners face, whether under home associations or otherwise. In homeowner associations, the community puts its trust on the board to manage the pest problem.

As such, board members must find the right solutions, communicate to the members and ensure the pest problem does not develop into a menace. So, what does it take to manage the problem with minimal effort? Here are some solutions.

Seasonal Pest Control: Utilize Spring

At the start of spring, the pests benefit from conducive weather conditions. As a result, they'll readily mate, migrate to new areas, and increase activity. This calls for early interventions in the season to combat the situation before it turns into a full-blown problem.

Here are a few tips to utilize during this season.

  • Manage Food and Waste: Pests find refuge in areas with food, dirty surfaces, and unattended items to shelter. As a precaution, it's advisable to constantly empty the dustbins, clean kitchen counters after meals, and keep your compound clean.
  •  Know the Pests to Expect: It's wise to note that pests such as termites, rats, and ants will start reproducing during spring. Equally, there will be abundant water with conducive temperatures for the multiplication of mosquitoes.
  • Inspect the Interior and Exterior Walls: Pests search for accessible spots like cracks and openings to enter your buildings. Therefore, ensure there are no visible cracks on exterior walls or conducive conditions such as damp interiors.

The ideal way to manage pests during spring includes swift action, checking any warning signs, and maintaining the environment.

Who is Responsible for Pest Control in Community Associations

As a condo owner, it may be confusing whether to deal with the pest problem individually or request the board's service. The underlying rule of pest control in HOA/Condo Associations is individual responsibility for such issues.

Nonetheless, sometimes pests affect common areas. As such, owners of homes, condos, and the board should reach a consensus on managing the situation. The agreement offers a green light on meeting the costs and different measures to install.

In managing the problem, it's wise to have a laid down policy. The written rule improves the speed of action, goodwill and checks the growth of the problem.

Safe Methods for Pest Control—HOA and Condo Associations

Pesticides are known to cause cancer, climate change, and air pollution threatening human survival. This calls for individual and collective efforts to protect nature and the environment.

Here are examples of safe methods for different pests:

  • Rodents: Creatures like rats survive on leftovers, fruits, untrimmed bushes, and unkempt compounds. That said, ensure you get rid of leftovers in bins, trim your plants regularly, mow your grass regularly, and remove potential nest-like wood and empty cans.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are quite a problem in Condo Associations. Nonetheless, the secret lies in early intervention. Ensure you inspect the home before moving in and repair any cracks in the walls that encourage their spread.
  • Plant Herbs: Certain herbs or plants with a natural scent irritates rodents and other pests. Plant a few of either rosemary, marigolds, cayenne, pyrethrum, or garlic in your garden to deter the pests.

Can Owners/Residents Choose Alternative Methods/Providers?

Yes. Homeowners can monitor the effectiveness of any pest control solution at will. This includes an evaluation of the method and the service provider. The evaluation aims to optimize costs and to assess whether it's serving them well.

Disclaimer: State and local laws can vary on these matters, so it's important to consult with your licensed community professional or attorney if you have any pest control questions.

Let Us Help You Manage the Pest Problem

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