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How to Prevent a Mold Invasion in Your House

by Guest Blogger on Feb 9, 2021 9:45:00 AM

If you live in an area where moisture in the air is more than expected, be prepared to deal with a mold problem in your house. Mold problems are annoying because they mess up the look of your house interior and come with a plethora of health concerns. Even if you have homeowner's insurance coverage, you might have to pay for mold damage repairs from your pocket because regular homeowners insurance schemes don't cover mold damage unless a 'covered peril causes it.' And guess what, you can't control mold caused by one of those covered perils, so you shouldn't depend on mold damage claims. That's why it is wise to make sure that mold doesn't form in your house in the first place, and I am going to share some tips with you to ensure precisely that. In an area where moisture in the air is more than usual, be prepared to deal with a mold problem in your house. 


Identify the Areas Where Mold Can Form

The first step to prevent mold from forming is to identify the more vulnerable areas. Usually, areas that get exposed to moisture are the most susceptible ones. Try to determine such spaces in your house. For example, during the monsoon, your basement is flooded, or water can condense near the outside portion of your window. Make sure you regularly clean these places and keep the moisture away. If you can keep these spaces dry, it will be unlikely for mold to form in these areas. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Moisture in the air is mostly responsible for mold formation in areas like bathrooms, laundry space, and the kitchen. You must ensure that proper ventilation gets installed in these spaces of your house. Without proper ventilation, moist air can't go out from the space and result in mold formation. When you are taking a bath, cooking your meal, or washing your clothes, ensure adequate ventilation for the moist air to go out instantaneously. If natural ventilation is not enough because of your house's structure, you will have to purchase vent appliances. 

Use Air Purifiers

Even though most air is a prerequisite for mold to form on a wall, you can still prevent it even if you live in humid areas. Air purifiers, especially HEPA purifiers, effectively filter the mold particles from the air in your house. You need to purchase an air purifier that has filters that can catch small mold particles. HEPA air purifiers are designed for this purpose, and that's why these are the best possible options for you to choose. However, make sure you check what kind of purification system your air purifier applies and how much area it covers. If your house is more significant than the capacity of your cleaner, then you might need to purchase more than one cleaner to cover the entire area of your house. You can save some money by putting a purifier only in those moist areas if budget is an issue. 

Clean Roof Gutters

If your roof gutters are damaged, there is a possibility that water will come inside your house without you even noticing. Damaged or leaking roof gutters will let in tiny portions of water inside your house. Over time, a particular area of your house will remain constantly moist. Moist is an invitation to mold to invade your home. Not cleaning roof gutters will also contribute to the issue. It would help if you cleaned your roof gutters at least once a week. If a storm occurs, you should immediately check out your roof gutters to detect any potential damage as soon as the storm ends. 

Keep Mold Away from Plants

While it is a great idea to have some greens in your home, house plants and plant pots are breeding grounds for mold. It is a must for you to water your plants regularly. The soil that you place inside your plant pots remains wet, and mold can form very quickly on the area where you place your plants. It would help if you tried to make sure your plants don't become the cause of a mold invasion in your house. One of my favorite methods to deal with this issue is to add a bit of Taheebo tea to the water you give your plants. This way, mold will not be able to form in your houseplant soil. And you wouldn't have to worry about your plants not getting nutrition, as Taheebo tea does not cause any problems for your plants to take the water. 

You should apply all these tips in your house to prevent mold. Mold formation is not easy to deal with when the problem occurs. That's why it is way better to prevent the problem from even occurring.

Guest Post Contributor: Sarah Dawson


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