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What to Seek for in a Fence Contractor for HOA Upgrades

by Annette Byrd, CMCA®, PCAM® on Mar 1, 2022 1:38:00 PM

Fencing is an essential topic for HOA homeowners. Most HOAs have specific rules about fencing. As an example, the height, material, style, and color might all be specified in the CC&Rs, or your HOA could be more flexible if you stay within specific parameters. However, when building or repairing an HOA home fence, you need fence contractors that understand the neighborhood requirements - and can create a high-quality border for your family.

The question is how to choose the best fence contractor for your HOA home or shared property fencing needs. Selecting a contractor can be challenging for HOA homeowners and council members alike. Whether you plan to build a fence for private property or the neighborhood, the following qualifications should play a role.

They are Headquartered Nearby

Excellent local service is a team that is local to you. It takes a team more time to arrive at your property further from your property. Furthermore, you will not be able to fit into their schedule as quickly when they are far away. However, a local fence company typically takes less time for travel and will therefore be able to complete your fence installation project on time. Look for a fencing services business that is a reasonable number of miles from your property. 

They Provide the Fence Styles and Materials You Need

You likely have an idea of the type and appearance of the fence you want. Some fencing companies do not offer all kinds of barriers. Some only do chain-link, some focus on wrought iron. Look for a fence installation service with the materials you want to build and clear examples of the fence style you'd like installed. Choosing a fence service provider who can provide your property with fence service is necessary. 

You Like the Gallery of Past Work

Check out the team's gallery of past work or example fences. They will show you what they can accomplish when dealing with properties. You may select the team if you like how the projects look and admire the style and choice of fencing in each gallery example. Enjoying the gallery of past projects shows that a fence installation team does good work, and you agree with their sense of style. 

They Understand the HOA Fencing Policies

When you get on the phone, you need a fencing service who understands when you explain the HOA fence design policies. Ideally, they will have dealt with HOAs before, perhaps even your HOA, and know that staying inside specific parameters is vital for completing successful work. Look for a fencing team who can repeat the policies and help you build a plan and quote based on that outline. 

They Have a Positive Online Reputation

Look for a fence services team with a glowing reputation. You can check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for a history of business conduct. In addition, you can check websites like Google, Yelp, and Angie's List for customer ratings and reviews of their own experiences. Glowing reviews and a high BBB rating are two perfect signs that you're working with the local best fence installation service in the area.

They Consult with You on the Fence You Want

A sound installation team in any industry always makes sure you're satisfied with the design. For example, an excellent fence installation team will go through a consultation to ensure you are solid on the fence you want. Then, when your fence is installed, you'll discuss color, style, and installation details until both parties are 100% satisfied. 

They Survey Your Yard and Take Measurements

You can't install a fence without measuring the yard and adhering to the contours of the land. So before your final quote, an excellent fencing service will come out to your property to survey the space. They will take measurements, talk about sinking posts, and ensure that the fence installed matches your real-life yard.

Finding the Best Fence Installation Service for Your HOA Home

How do you find the best fence installation service for your property? It all comes down to where you live and the qualifications of the fence teams in your area. Call around, compare estimates, and find a couple that responsively understands the fencing needs of your HOA community members.

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