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How the IoT and Smart Home Technology Can Benefit Your HOA

by Sandra Vela Mora on Mar 14, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Technology continues to change the way we live and function within our homes and communities. The Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in smart home systems serve to improve communications, security, and increase the appeal of your HOA. Here are just a few ideas for implementing the IoT and smart technology for the benefit of your members:

IoT and Smart Home Technology

IoT and Smart Home Technology that can benefit HOA's include the Smart HOA Office, Smart Home Skill for Residents, Mobile-Responsive Security Gates and Smart HOA Events.

The Smart HOA Office—How often have you misplaced notes or forgotten an important meeting? With voice-assisted technology using AI (virtual assistants) like Siri or Cortana, clutter and confusion become a thing of the past. Amazon's Alexa is well-known for helping households on a daily basis and it is quickly becoming a popular business tool. Voice assistance can not only make mundane office work more fun, but it also can:

  • Streamline tasks, resulting in better time management
  • Assist with note taking, resulting in better documentation
  • Keep track of meetings and events
  • Conduct research

Alexa can even adjust the room temperature and answer your calls. By spending less time on mundane office tasks, you'll have more time for focusing on important matters pertaining to membership.

Smart Home Skill for Residents— Smart home technology is a perfect example of the "Internet of Things," or IoT. Defined as the connection of devices to the internet, IoT is changing the way we live by making tasks easier and seamless. For example, with Alexa Smart Home Skills residents can use voice commands to:

  • Change the TV channel
  • Send something to the printer
  • Control the room lighting and temperature
  • Provide security video and lighting

Alexa Mailbox Assistant can check your mail using an internet connected device placed in your mailbox. Simply ask Alexa if you received mail or if your mailbox is full. No more unnecessary trips to the mailbox in all types of weather! 

The possibilities are endless and there are a variety of Smart Home Skills available.  Community calendar skills are especially important for HOA members in keeping up with membership meetings and community events. Attendance might actually increase as more members start using Alexa Smart Skills for planning and scheduling activities.

Mobile-Responsive Security Gates—Control over who enters your HOA community is important to its overall security. Delivery drivers and other outside companies can keep a gate active throughout the day and into the evening. Mobile-responsive security gates can easily tell the difference between a pizza delivery late at night and an out-of-town family member arriving late. Clear video or still images are texted or emailed via a mobile app.

Some systems allow for a different entry code for every single visitor. Mobile technology in other systems allows for how long the gate is held open and for when it is closed. Mobile-responsive security gates are among the best investment your HOA can make when it comes to the latest in smart technology.

Smart HOA Events—If HOA events are developed to encourage community networking, do you really want members looking at their phones? The answer is yes. By taking event pictures and posting them to a community social media page, other members might feel inspired to join the fun. One important tool to a Smart HOA event is, of course, the internet. Double check your internet connection and speed before the event. As wonderful as new technology is, it can often fail us at the most inopportune times.

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Part of our mission is to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions and to exceed the expectations of our customers. Let us help your HOA to stay relevant and competitive by implementing the best possible uses of the IoT. To learn more, contact us today.


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