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How Do HOA's Impact Property Values?

by Holly Bunch on Jun 15, 2021 10:00:00 AM

How Do HOA's Impact Property Values?:

Potential homebuyers will always have continuous hopes that their new homes will continue to increase in value. Homeowners want to ensure that the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime will continue to benefit them by retaining and increasing its value in the future. Many individuals use purchasing a home in a community where there is a Homeowners Association (HOA) as a way to help protect their property and increase their net worth.

HOA's can add many aspects to residents living in the area that the HOA controls. The following are some ways that an HOA organization can help enrich resident life and help the homeowners who reside there:

Shared Amenities:

HOA's can offer shared amenities that everyone in the community can enjoy. These amenities would generally not be available to you if you owned a single, individual home in an area where there was no HOA. Whether you are enjoying amenities like swimming pools or something like tennis/basketball courts or even a playground or walking trails, these are all amenities provided through your HOA and fees that are paid to the HOA.

Access to amenities can help keep your home value high and ensure that your home's value stays high. Ensuring that the amenities are in good repair and working order is the responsibility of the HOA. Helping to keep the amenities accessible to everyone can help you get more out of your home if you choose to sell your property one day.

Convenient Enforcement:

While a large majority of your neighbors are good homeowners and keep their homes clean and neat, there will always be the few select homeowners who can't be bothered. Having an HOA in place that has specific rules on the appearance of someone's home will help ensure that those unruly neighbors are kept in line. Ensuring that their homie appearance is of good quality ensures that your home value remains high.

HOA also helps keep up the common grounds to ensure that the neighborhood is clean and orderly. Having a clean neighborhood setting where the homes and common areas are well-maintained, and there are no "eyesores" around helps keep your property value high. Taking this responsibility for the appearance of the neighborhood helps ensure that everyone is still in line with the appearance standards that will help keep your neighborhood a great place to live.

Cultivate a Community Culture:

HOA's can help organize events and functions that allow neighbors to get together and mingle. The more you can get out and know your neighbors, the more comfortable you will feel living in a community. Whether you choose to attend a pool party or a neighborhood picnic, you get to spend time with your neighbors and meet new people. Other events that can be centered around charity lie a 5-10k walk/run, a community cleanup day, or an event that benefits the less fortunate in your area.


In the end, an HOA can help a community thrive. It helps keep the neighborhood in neat, clean order by setting expected standards for keeping their homes. IT can keep the common areas clean and usable for all residents. It can also ensure that amenities are available to all residents that help keep home values high.

If you are a home buyer who will buy into an HOA and consider moving again in the future, it's a wise choice to ensure that your HOA has good standards set that will help increase the value of your property over time. Your home is your biggest investment, so choose an area with an HOA to make it one that will help your home value pay off in the future.

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