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HOA Technology: The Top Questions to Ask

RealManage has one of the most secure proprietary HOA technology management systems in the condo and HOA management industry.
Amanda Causey | Mar 20, 2018 | 3 min read

When you are choosing a homeowners association management services provider for your community there are several key questions that need to be asked--especially with regards to security of your association data. You want a community management provider who will take the steps necessary to keep your confidential data safe and your association running smoothly. With the current increase in cyber attacks and threats across industries, it's more important than ever that you ask the right questions when researching a condo or HOA management provider. 

Question #1: What does the physical security of your system look like?

How are servers housed? Is there appropriate physical security to keep people from breaking in, or do you need to add additional security to help keep it truly secure? Network security is only as strong as its weakest link, and in many cases, you'll find that the weakest link is the physical location where servers are actually located. Take a look at the physical location and how it's protected. Consider the recommendations of your provider carefully before moving forward. 

Question #2: How's the perimeter security? 

Does perimeter security include items like  IP reputation filtering and DoS/DDoS mitigation? Filtering malicious content at the perimeter can significantly decrease malicious attacks as it filters it out at the perimeter, keeping it out of the servers. This strategy can also help keep servers moving more smoothly, since they aren't bogged down by malicious traffic. 

Question #3: Is there adequate network security? 

Network security is critical to prevent network resources from being misused. Proper HOA software will include network security that helps monitor network traffic, prevent modification of network-accessible resources, and block out malicious traffic. Network monitoring is also designed to help identify where threats came from so that you can help prevent them in the future, whether that attack comes from within the HOA or without. Network security is also critical for any HOA software providers, who often have access to your secure information and may inadvertently leave it vulnerable to attack.

Question #4: How is application security set up?

Cybercrime is a growing field that continues to pose a threat to many areas--and since you, as an HOA, deal with confidential information and financial information for many of your members, you could be vulnerable to an attack. It's critical, therefore, that any software you use has adequate application security to help protect against malware, ransomware, and other key threats. Web applications continue to be one of the most common entry vectors for cyber attacks. It's absolutely critical, therefore, that you maintain strict security regarding any applications or HOA software in order to ensure that they aren't providing an open door into your system. 

Question #5: What does server security look like?

The server is the layer of defense closest to the application. Ensuring attack vectors are limited and points of entry are hardened critical in solidifying overall security posture and keeping valuable data safe. Every server is hardened at deployment exceeding compliance mandates. A savvy HOA software provider will provide substantial server security in order to protect not only them, but their clients, as well. By checking out server security at a potential provider, you're making sure that your data will be protected and that you're less likely to become the victim of an attack.

RealManage has one of the most secure proprietary HOA technology management systems in the condo and HOA management industry. If you want to learn more about our program and our dedication to keeping our clients' private data safe, secure, and protected, contact us today. We'll work with you to help more effectively manage your community association will protecting the data you've given us to keep out potential threats and help keep your community more secure. 

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