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Here is What You Can Do to Ensure A Successful Fourth Quarter Finale

by Mary Arnold, CMCA®, AMS® on Nov 11, 2021 9:45:00 AM

When you establish a business, it becomes your baby, and you can't just abandon it when problems emerge. Due to the impact of COVID-19, 2021 has been a year of changes and new adaptations, particularly for those in business. The fourth quarter may fall over the Christmas season, and community board members may be unavailable, forcing important meetings to be postponed until the next year.

Here is your Fourth Quarter Finale checklist to help you out:

  • Have a discussion on how the community will cope with the treats or tricks during Halloween: 
    Will the security gates be open at night? Daytime, will there be a treat, especially for the young ones who won't be there at night? Should the community be involved in allowing homeowners to carry out Halloween events?
  • Are there good preparations for the fourth quarter in approval of the 2021 budget?
    You should set a date meant for approval meetings. Do you have all the necessary documents to hold the panels? In some cases, you will get required to send a proposed budget, while others a draft budget. You should check the governing documents needed to help approve your next year's budget.
  • Have an accounting professional for the purposes of creating the financial report at the end of 2021:
    Normally, significant and moderate associations are the ones that carry out a review, audit, or compilation. Which one do you require to carry out for your community association, and is there anyone responsible for the same? It would help if you had a good plan for the financial report early.
  • Ensure that the community lights are set in a way they light up automatically when darkness falls:
    Your community lights should automatically switch off when daylight appears. It will help save energy since the community lights operate appropriately. Community lights help ensure security at night, and during Halloween, people can enjoy celebrations without the worry of attacks.
  • Adjust community pool heat temperatures:
    For instance, they should be switched on during winter and switched off during the summer months. There should be the maintenance of the pool heat regulators. It helps ensure that they are working all the time properly.
  • Ensure that fresh mulch that fits the requirements of the playground is in place:
    In most cases, the mulch is refreshed during the winter rainfall. You should have appropriate information on the specific mulch requirements needed for your facility, significantly depending on the depth levels.
  • Consider how the common areas of your community will be decorated, especially during the holidays.
    It will involve deciding who will do the decorations and when it should be done. If you hire a decorating company, you will need to reach out to them and make the bookings earlier. If the decorators are volunteers, you should have a coordinating team, a reliable supplier for items used, plan the date, and assign responsibilities during the day of decoration.
  • All the community association board members should be aware of the critical responsibilities they should handle during the Fourth Quarter Finale:
    It is easy to complete all the activities when everyone knows their role in the community.

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