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Halloween Events that Everyone in Your Community Association Can Enjoy

by Kimberly Sutherland on Oct 16, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Celebrate Halloween by hosting events that members of all ages can enjoy. Parties and contests are a great way to encourage community engagement during this fun fall holiday. Go beyond the standard jack-o'-lantern by exploring creative Halloween decorating and party ideas on sites such as Pinterest and HGTV. Here a few ideas to help you start planning for Halloween events for all ages in your community association:

Porch Decorating Contest

One contest that is sure to create engagement is a porch decorating contest. Dark lights and spooky decorations add to the overall festive feel of the community and members will enjoy trying to outdo one another with creativity. Just be sure to remind members to ensure the passageway to the front door is clutter-free for trick-or-treaters. 

Great Pumpkin Challenge

Issue a great pumpkin challenge with a prize for the best decorated pumpkin. Painting pumpkins, adding glitter, or elaborate carvings are becoming popular ways to decorate for Halloween. Host a "parade of pumpkins" during your community party and let members vote for the best pumpkin. Prize options can simply be bragging rights or a small gift.

Frightful Food Festival

From cupcakes decorated like eyeballs to stuffed jack-o'-lantern bell peppers, the possibilities are endless. Halloween recipes are a fun way to get creative with food and to add extra ambiance to a holiday party. Go potluck and encourage members to bring copies of the recipe to share with others.

Costume Contest

Halloween costumes—from store bought to homemade—are one of the main focal points of the holiday. Adults and parents invest a lot of time in deciding on the best costume for this one special day. Have different categories for judging, such as best group costume and best overall. Download printable Halloween costume awards here.

Play Ghoulish Games

Halloween games like pin the spider on the web or taking turns with a ghost pinata are fun games for children. Adults can encourage and help the younger children by cheering them on and giving them helpful hints. Members of all ages can play "what's in the box." For this game, have several boxes filled with items like spaghetti, grapes, and other items that may creepy to the touch. Have participants reach into the box and guess what they are touching.

HOA Halloween Fun

Halloween is the one holiday where most members will remain at home. Given that it is primarily a one day event, it offers great opportunities for engaging your HOA community. With a little preparation and a lot of creativity, an organized Halloween event or contest is a relatively inexpensive way to generate excitement among members. 

No matter what activities your board or volunteers plan, good communication is essential to a successful event. Take advantage of your HOA website, email, and social media to spread the word. If necessary, consider a RSVP for your party—an expected number count helps with having enough supplies on hand.

About RealManage

If your association is searching for community management company that is highly-experienced, then we encourage you to contact us. As a professional management company, our team offers assistance with budget management, project planning, enforcement of covenants and restrictions, and we help build a strong sense of community among members. 

At RealManage, we understand the challenges a volunteer board can face with association matters. We also understand that board members also have their own personal obligations. As a professional management company, we help lessen the pressure by providing professional guidance.

The only thing scary this Halloween should be your member's porch decorations and costumes. Don't be afraid to learn more about our professional community management services. From all of us at RealManage, we wish your association a safe and happy Halloween!


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