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Getting Your HOA Surveyed: The Real Property Lines

by Holly Bunch on Jan 11, 2022 3:30:00 PM

Surveying is an important part of property upkeep and administration because it compares the specific land dimensions to the precise border positions on each deed and title. Due to a lack of surveying, fences, dwellings, and other structures are frequently built on or across property lines.

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In an HOA, you should be fully aware of every legal boundary in the neighborhood - including the limitations of your community assets like the parks, clubhouse, and parking lot. You should also be fully apprised of the boundaries for each lot so that you can accurately inform new homeowners and hold homeowners responsible for their exact plot of land.

Before You Build: Survey

When an HOA is about to build new structures, check the survey. If the land has changed from weather or landscaping - or if you don't have the original survey, then it's time to get a new survey done for the area or your neighborhood as a whole.

A Survey map is necessary when building new structures to ensure that you make 100% on HOA shared property. The last thing you want is to plant trees or build a tennis court over a line that officially is outside the neighborhood or belongs to a homeowner.

When you survey, be sure to mark a map and keep the landlines with little colored flags.

Connect New and Remodeling Homeowners with a Survey

A survey is an essential document when planning any construction. It's also useful for new home buyers who need to know exactly where their property begins and ends. As an HOA, you can help your homeowner community avoid border disputes and plan for the future by connecting them with the survey data they need.

If you have a recent survey of the entire neighborhood, a copy of each lot's survey is handy for new home buyers. Those planning renovations, remodel, and new structures also need to know the information documented in a neighborhood survey. When your homeowners first contact you about their plans, could you give them a copy of the survey?

If you don't currently have a study for their lot, provide a recommendation for a trustworthy surveyor service that homeowners can use.

How Much Does a Survey Cost?

One property owner typically purchases surveys at a time. Typically, a study for a home is between $200 and $1000, depending on the size and complexity of the property. However, surveying larger areas often enter a different type of price range. As an HOA, you will want to speak to several local surveyance teams to find the best service and price to survey your public spaces and possibly your entire area.

Based on your budget, you may decide to start by just surveying your public spaces. From there, you can budget for a neighborhood sector to get studied year on year to stay within expenses. You may also find a surveying service that offers a bulk discount depending on how much space and individual lots need to be surveyed.

Is your HOA planning new spaces or construction projects? Do your homeowners want to build add-ons and home modifications? You'll need a recent survey to ensure everything goes right where it's supposed to. View any changes in your property lines and official boundaries since your land was surveyed.

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