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HOA Fun End of Summer Activities for Residents

by Staff Writer on Aug 13, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Summer is a time when HOA management providers assist planned neighborhoods with making fun summer activities for residents that help strengthen their sense of community. The list of late summer activities HOA communities hold is almost endless, however some activities have a broader appeal than others. If your planned community is looking for ways to make the end of summer a fun, festive season, below are three activities that are enjoyed in most cases by the residents in planned neighborhoods across the U.S.

Community Picnics

Some communities hold monthly picnics in the summer; while others prefer to have a grand picnic to kick off the summer, or celebrate the warm weather before the year passes into fall. Community picnics set the scene for a variety of pleasurable, fun filled events, such as softball games, the game of horseshoes, and movies projected on wide, portable screens. Deciding which picnic events to plan can be as simple as having residents respond to a questionnaire.

Volunteer Projects

Summer is a great time for participating in volunteer projects inside and outside the community, including flower planting, shrub trimming, weed removal, and mulching. In addition to bringing the community together for enjoyable outdoor activities, volunteer projects that are performed within with community are a great way to cut down on summer landscaping expenses. Performing volunteerism outside of the community helps to strengthen the public image of the community.

Community Fundraisers

Community fundraisers put the community in a charitable light. If residents in your community feel passionate about particular causes for which they would like to raise money, community fundraisers -- and the events that the residents attend -- are a great way to mobilize the community toward a good cause. Chances are that some residents in your community can think of a fundraiser theme.

Contact a Management Provider

Does your community need assistance planning events that make late summer the festive, social season almost everyone wants it to be? If so, consult with an HOA management provider about special summer events that would be a good match for the wants and needs of your planned neighborhood. In addition to the events above, an HOA management provider will help you plan end of summer activities that are pleasant for residents and strengthen their sense of community.

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