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Why Community Management Is the Perfect Career for Former Teachers

by Jennifer Harvey on Jul 19, 2022 1:00:00 PM

Are you a former teacher who wants to embark on a new career journey? Try community association management! Teachers are excellent public speakers, passionate about their communities, and bring a wealth of communication experience that management companies are looking for. 

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Community association management relies heavily on relationship-building skills. A community association manager (CAM) oversees and directs the daily operations of a portfolio of communities concerning their quality services and customer satisfaction.  

Read on to learn more about why a former teacher would make an excellent community association manager.

1. You Are Accustomed to Addressing Large Audiences

As a community association manager, you work with a team and have to establish a good relationship with residents. It is easy for you to deliver information to large groups of people, and you have experience navigating that process. The board, contractors, and residents will follow your lead.

2. You Possess Problem-Solving and Crisis Management Skills

As a teacher, you have to come up with solutions on the spot, sometimes dealing with sensitive issues at every level.  It doesn't matter if you are dealing with a crisis involving a student or implementing a new classroom management strategy due to problematic behavior. 

As a CAM, you interact with residents or homeowners daily, so situations in which a resident needs help or has a problem with your service are common—but understanding how to handle the situation, collaborating with the right people, and coming to a solution.

Although each situation is handled will differ according to the type of work and audience. The most important thing is to learn how to approach the problem and become solution-focused.

3. You Are a Content Developer

Content development can take many forms, including creating a program or a lesson plan, posting on a website, emailing, or whatever else will be visible to your audience. CAMs generate management reports every month and email with residents and vendors regularly.  Lots of content. Every day. 

When you are a teacher, you are so used to preparing something on the spot and making decisions on the fly. The same goes for a community manager. Creating content may involve more external involvement as a CAM, but the process is the same, regardless of the line of work.

4. You Organize and Run Live Events

Community association managers organize board or annual meetings, conduct annual board orientations, review contract agreements, and provide training workshops to assist the Board with education and setting goals. A teacher's job is to design learning experiences. Creating and facilitating experiences with students is another primary responsibility of teachers.

Same as the role of CAM, which involves inviting guest speakers and coordinating and planning the event. One of the most critical aspects of managing a live event is being prepared when things don't go according to plan: Things go wrong when you are live! Teachers understand this all too well. Teachers have to deal with this daily.

5. You Have Something Unique 

The secret sauce of managing a community is actually pretty simple: communities thrive when people feel valued, seen, and heard. CAMs strive for this feeling, which is support and togetherness. Making others feel valued and capable. The best classrooms and communities achieve this goal. 

Teachers lead the group. Teachers know when to assume leadership and when to back off. Teachers encourage the students to take leadership roles. The same goes for community association managers.

Make the Switch Today

Just because you're no longer teaching doesn't mean that you can't still put your valuable skills to good use. Community management might be the right spot for you. 

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